Dollar Shave Club for Men


I have to promote a really cool service called The Dollar Shave Club for two reasons; 1) my husband likes it, and 2) the company uses such smart marketing strategies they deserve to be recognized!

My husband heard about Shave Club on the radio, and I signed him up online. Basically you sign up for the products you want, but the $6 package is a set of four blades for shaving (one for each week of the month), and a really cool newsletter that is plain fun to read: I read it!!!. The Bathroom Minutes has interesting tidbits each month such as “How to Shave Your Head,” “Hurry Up and Eat,”  which describes world records in eating such as professional eaters in the Nathan’s Annual Hotdog contest on Coney Island, NY. Other features are famous people who get Shave Club such as Alexander Wang. There is also a kids’ article: Fun in the Sand and a Treasure Map for kids.

Other features of the club are described such as Piping Hot Lava, Repair Serum and and other great products.

The basic membership is $6 a month, and that is much, much cheaper than the cost and inconvenience of buying blades at the drugstore.

Keep it sassy, Indy!

B. Divine, Indianapolis Personal Stylist