Finding the Perfect Jeans

Jean Tips From Your Indianapolis Personal Stylist

We all wear jeans. Since I don’t work in an office anymore, jeans are nearly an every-day part of my wardrobe. Finding the pair that fits correctly and is comfortable yet stylish can be a challenge, however. That’s why I want to talk about that here!

My frustrations with jeans is that often I don’t buy them tight enough. That’s right–tight enough. With the Spandex and stretch that many jeans have now, you need to buy them very snug–even tight–so as they loosen up you won’t have the “baggy seat” syndrome. Shrinking these types of jeans doesn’t help.

I made the mistake of buying jeans in haste, and buying them snug, only to go home and realize that didn’t have very much stretch to them. Thus, I am never happy with the way they fit. They look and feel way too tight. Reminds me of sausage links…you get the picture!

A recent find I wanted to share with you is a delightful pair of jeans I found at Lucky Jeans. They are a beautiful dark rinse. I was fortunate enough to find just the right size and length (saving a trip to the tailor) and snugness. They are not too tight, yet hug in all the right places. I love to wear them dressed down during the day, then adding a blouse and casual jacket and pointy flats at night. A sales associate helped me find just the right pair. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. At Lucky, unlike other stores, they are not high pressure at all.

White House Black Market as well as Macy’s Style brand have some good jeans. The Macy’s brand is priced low, and I have found the quality to be quite good. I bought two pair of black skinny leg jeans when they were on sale since I can wear them to makeup jobs. I really like WHBM, too, but the sales associates are so pushy, it’s hard for me to go in there. We have more than one store in our area, so I go to the store where less aggressive sales people work. I really like WHBM’s new accent color…it’s a pale pink. It’s so pretty for spring.

Now back to jeans…Ladies, my advice to you…if the jeans have stretch in them, buy them snug. One more thing…remember not to buy jeans that fit too low on the hips. We don’t want spillage. You know what I mean!

Beth Divine, Indianapolis Personal Stylist