Etiquette in Life and Career: Is it Important?

All of us have those times when we have to think twice about etiquette. Even for this Indianapolis Image Consultant, believe it or not, I think about etiquette when I am sitting down. I know that is strange. I sing in a choir on the third row, and with COVID-19, the group is smaller and chairs are farther apart. In many ways, I like this. I like the extra space. The extra space means, however, there is more room to spread out and be a little comfortable. I have to push myself but I always try to keep my knees together and lean to the left. I have always liked crossing my legs and sometimes do that when I am sitting. Just in general, I don’t think all women really think about how they look if their legs are not together. It’s really quite common. I have seen TV hosts sit this way, even musicians. I always think about Diana, Princess of Wales, in front of the Tajma Hall. She was sitting perfectly with her knees together, back straight and slightly slanted to the right. Perfection!

Indianapolis Image Consultants Etiquette Refresher

Beth Divine Indianapolis Image Consultant can also help improve your etiquette I was privileged to go to a mini-etiquette session at The Plaza Hotel (yes, the real one, in New York City), from an etiquette expert trained in the UK. Of course, there are differences in the way the British do things and the way the Americans do things, and I found this fascinating. We all ate a fancy lunch together so we could practice what we were learning such as what fork to use first, where do you put the bread, the difference between the wine glass and the water glass, what the small bowl of water was for, where to find the dessert fork, etc. I really found it interesting where to put the napkin, and that white napkin, as well as black (or dark) napkins, are purposely used in dining.

Every day, we all face etiquette questions and dilemmas. the best lesson I can teach you as an Indianapolis Image Consultant is that first and foremost, etiquette is making the people around you feel comfortable. If I saw someone make a big etiquette faux pau, I wouldn’t call attention to it, right?  I have heard people in business say the most pressing need in executive training is etiquette, and how to eat in a mannerly way in client dinners. You cannot always assume everyone has the same level of knowledge in how to eat properly.

I can’t tell you how many times I have been at a dinner or a work event and someone picked up a dinner napkin and wiped his/her nose with it. Oh my. Yes, it happens. If someone needs to sneeze, the best course of action is to quickly excuse yourself and go to the restroom.

Excuse Me, Do You Need An Etiquette Lesson?

It’s ok if you don’t know all the rules of etiquette, but a refresher now and again couldn’t hurt. Especially if work dinners are common for your line of business, or you often take clients out. As an Indianapolis Image Consultant, we can work together to mature your entire image, not just your clothing, so you are ready to close that deal with confidence. Contact Me to schedule your appointment today.

Beth Divine

Indianapolis Image Consultant & Woman who kicks butt at everything