Discovering Men’s Wear Ensembles

Hello Indianapolis Fashionistas,

I have been slow to warm up to Men’s Wear outfits. I have always thought for dressy occasions, a pretty dress is always the best look for me. I have trouble finding pants that fit, so I give up. Well…times are changing, and I have been wearing more men’s wear.  I have seen some beautiful pants suits that can rival any little black dress anytime. Try it.

Indianapolis Personal Stylist Suit Tips

The suit I really like is this tuxedo ensemble from Zara. It’s not a huge price, so if you want to try it, you won’t break the bank. What I like about this outfit is the fitted jacket and satin lapels and flowy, wider-leg pants. Pair it with some heels in black patent or even red or blue for something different. Be sure and measure before you pick your size and order from Zara. Their sizes might be different since they originated in the UK.

Shirt dresses are another feminine version of men’s tailored styles, and you already know how much I love them. Wear a chambray one for casual wear (I like to add some red cowboy boots), or for a more serious occasion, sport a black one in place of a suit. They can be more comfortable than a whole jacket/skirt/pants suit.

Of course, the Oxford is another men’s inspired item that looks great on women. You will see many in the shoe departments now and not just in black. I love a pointy toe version in silver,  burgundy or grey suede, in addition to the patent leather black ones. You don’t have to wear socks with them and can wear them with some dresses (remember to look in the mirror to see if it looks ridiculous.) I think the Oxfords looks best on cropped pants–save the pointy toe for more wider-leg trousers.

Indianapolis Personal Stylist Tips for the Men’s and Boy’s Department

Now beyond women’s clothing that incorporates some of the men’s wear touches, you might even consider actually buying some items in the men’s and boy’s departments. Clothing such as plaid and chambray shirts may hold up better and have more structure than women’s shirts. Also consider some bags such as backpacks and messenger bags in the men’s department. They will probably hold up better than the bags you have.

Jogger pants in the men’s department are another other option you might consider as are hats. I love a great Panama hat in the summer, and there often more hats available in some men’s stores.

Finally, believe it or not trim, short sleeve button-down shirts, slim sweaters, and knit T-shirts (especially  Camo) are great options for purchases in the men’s departments. Use your imagination! For more ideas, go to the Stylecaster website:

Indianapolis Personal Stylist – Dress it up with Jewelry 

If you want to make sure and not lose your feminine vibe when wearing more tailored, men’s wear items, play up your makeup and hair. Try a bold lip or some soft curls. Don’t forget your jewelry. Just because your outfit is tailored, it doesn’t mean you must shun jewelry. Of course, there are some great oversize men’s wear watches from which to choose. I do love a big watch! It’s a fashion statement. Or just add your delicate jewelry to soften your look.

Keep it sassy, Indy.
Beth Divine, Indianapolis Personal Stylist