Avoid the “Shacket…” and How to Look Cool this Summer, Men!

Hello Indianapolis!

I’ve had some interesting male clients lately who purchased some really cool clothing. I thought I’d pass along some of the tips and purchases I shared with them.

Men’s Clothing Tips From Your Indianapolis Personal Stylist

As we were out looking at the merchandise, I encouraged men to try white jeans or chinos. They are so fresh looking, and if they are in fabric such as cotton, they are very cool in hot weather. To avoid looking too “cruise attire ready,” I suggest styling them this way:

  • Unless you are going to a Luau, avoid Hawaiian shirts or shirts with the Tommy Bahama look. Instead, seek out modern prints or solids in bright colors, black, navy, olive or light blue.
  • Avoid wearing a wintery looking top with white pants since it spoils the whole cool summer vibe we’re trying to create.
  • Try wearing a smart leather sandal or casual sneakers in a lighter, summer fabric. Whatever you do, don’t wear a black dress shoe or even black sneaker that is really more for fall or winter months. (If you do show your feet guys, make sure they are presentable. Get a pedicure and have your toenails cut, etc. Or just soak your feet in some soap at home and cut your toenails. It’s perfectible acceptable for guys to have manicures and pedicures these days.)
  • With your summer white pants, try linen and a more dressy linen shirt. I even love the look of a white linen suit or even one in cream. Very elegant look. Pair with a light stripe linen shirt or small print shirt. Here are more ideas about wearing white jeans.

Summer Looks from your Indianapolis Personal Stylist

Another interesting summer look for guys is the dress-up olive cargo pants and a white cotton shirt with pockets. When we were shopping Saks Fifth Avenue’s men’s department had many contemporary options. I even loved some of their military jackets in olive and bomber jackets in white cotton. I really love the white casual shirt/olive fitted cargo pants option. It is a very casual, yet city chic choice for men.

Another option for summer men might consider is the khaki suit. As I have written, Khaki is born again this season; although it’s not khaki as usual. It has stripes, it has new shapes, etc. Chinos are also popular again. The khaki suit can be very elegant with a cotton dress shirt and skinny black tie. Wear loafers without socks, or wear color fun, patterned socks that are really popular this season.

Another timeless option, of course, are shorts and a top. I really like to avoid long sleeve shirts with shorts–instead wear a short-sleeve shirt or polo type shirt–along with casual sneakers in a light color or pattern or sandals. Please avoid the “Shacked,” that is the shorts, long sleeve shirt and short-sleeve shirt underneath. Don’t be caught up in this deadly trend, please. I like Vineyard and Vine casual shorts and cotton or linen shirts as well as polos. don’t be afraid to try a color or mix pints.

Top it all off with a straw Fedora or Panama hat, or a baseball cap for a more casual look! Enjoy summer, men, and keep it sassy!

Beth Divine, Indianapolis Personal Stylist