Cuddly Sleepwear

It feels like the middle of winter now, so I am looking for my warmest PJs and gowns to keep warm each night.

I am a big fan of knitwear and flannel–obviously–for winter sleepwear. I have a couple of sets of flannel PJs, but lately I am wearing knit tops and just the bottoms. I bought a great PJ set that was deeply discounted at C-Wonder, a relatively new store at our local mall. The flannel is light and washes nicely.

For knitwear, I like Josie, Sonoma, Ralph Lauren, Victoria’s Secret and Gap Body. These pieces will be washed over and over again, so I like to find good quality pieces that won’t fall apart. (Sometimes I just wear my husband’s white T-shirts). For PJs and short sets as well as gowns, I love Garnett Hill’s sleepwear. Many are made of green cotton, which do not make you hot, and it lasts after several washes.

You can’t beat Victoria’s Secret for cute sleepwear with details such as lace, pretty colors and ribbons. Ralph Lauren has some cute cotton PJs I like once in a while–I have found great deals on his sleepwear at Marshall’s, Steinmart and Macy’s. They wear very well, feel crisp and suit me when it’s not terribly cold or hot.

In the summer, I sometimes buy gowns from Vermont Country Store. I know it’s corny, but I like a pretty white or print gown or PJ short set.

Ugg makes a great leopard slipper that keeps you warm and supports your feet. I was lucky to get a pair for Christmas! Check it out.

Now, on to skin care…short but sweet: If you have trouble with painful hangnails as I do in the winter, try Dior’s Apricot cuticle cream. I put it on every night, and it does the trick. I have tried many products, but this works the best. I am also a big fan of Curel lotion, which I put on every day. I also use Aveeno body washes and lotions. If I want a nice fragrance, I add some of the lotion–such as Channel Coco– to my daily lotion–the more moisturizers the better. They all really work…which is really important in the end, right?

Happy Winter,

B. Divine