Carmel Wardrobe Stylist Views: Pack Like a Pro- Part II

This blog is more geared more towards a fun and relaxing vacation, unlike my previous blog. If your vacation starts out as a work event and then turns into a family vacation, feel free to read both!

As you pack for vacation, if there any items you know you want to donate soon or are tired of them, take them in your suitcase. Wear them; then throw them away. As the days go on, your suitcase gets lighter. My husband told me once he brings enough clothes for several days, but if he has time, he would observe the locals and buy similar clothes that they wear. It’s really fun to do this. The last time I shopped local was when I was in London and bought a bright yellow, linen skirt suit. I still wear it and love it. When I came back from my trip, I stood out as a Carmel wardrobe stylist, because was also a little ahead of the trends when I wore the yellow ensemble in Indianapolis. No one had anything like it!

Carmel wardrobe stylist on vacation in the city

Wear everything more than once. I pack a little laundry detergent to wash undies and socks, if needed. On an extended trip, it’s important to wear clothing at least twice to save luggage space. Hang up garments to air them out at the end of your day. If needed, spray them with this to refresh. Hanging them in your bathroom during your shower helps, too. If you have room, a travel steamer freshens clothing, too. Make sure you take a Tide pen or other stain remover. Trying to get a stain out when you first made it is easier than trying the get the stain a week or two later at home.

Space bags and cube bags help immensely. Space bags are wonderful for condensing bulky clothes like sweaters and jeans. Cube bags keep like things together and organize your luggage for more efficient packing. I like cube bags for socks, undies and smaller items like t-shirts. The New York Times recently shared their favorite packing cubes here.

Carry a bag inside your bag. When possible, I enjoy shopping during trips. If you think you might pick up trip souvenirs, pack a thin, lightweight bag like a duffle or a reusable shopping tote. If flying, I carry my souvenirs with me onto the plane so I can keep a close eye on my new things.

Carmel wardrobe stylist top tip: Decide on what you will wear and wear it. Allow yourself one or two “just in case” pieces that coordinate with the rest of your capsule. That’s it. On my recent trip, I wore a dress for the
conference that I thought I’d wear to dinner. With this extra piece, I had freedom to switch my plan. At most destinations, if you need anything, you can purchase it.

Bonus tip: Give Yourself Time. Packing takes time and thought. As you begin to assemble your garments, adjustments to your packing list are common. Give yourself a few days prior to your departure for your pieces to come together. Packing the night before or the day of is a sure-fire way to overpack. Wishing you wonderful travels! Stay safe and let me know how you did with your packing.

One last idea: Before you walk out the door for your trip, make sure you have your ID, your passport or visa if needed (and copies of all of these you keep with you at all times. I also make sure I’ve turned off the burners and oven on my stove!

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Bon Voyage, Indy, and Keep it Sassy!

Beth Divine, MA, AICI-CIC, Personal Image Consultant