Winter Beauty Problems, Solved!

Hello Fashionistas, I hope you are doing well. The cold is over by now, thank goodness, right. If you are like me and have never owned a winter coat that truly kept you warm, I want you to consider investing in a Canada Goose parka. Mine is navy with a fur trim, and can I say, I love it! It was a Christmas present from my husband. He is the ultimate gift giver — he saw me look at them a couple of times, and he has heard me say — I am cold all the time. So, he asked me to pick out one for Christmas. A task I was excited to do, as a Personal Stylist.

The timing could not have been more perfect. The “Goose” is an example of paying a little more for a piece you will wear over and over. I have certainly worn it in the last couple of weeks, with the record-breaking, frigid temps her in Indianapolis. Enough said — but if you want to be the ultimate gift giver, listen to your loved ones, right??

Personal Stylist Getting ManicureAnyway, this is a different blog because, on my own, and with help from my manicurist, Kimberly, I have figured out what causes the horrible hangnails I have lived with every winter. It’s simple really — it’s water. I have my hands in water several times a day, from the dishwasher, to washing my hands, making soda stream sparkling water, etc. They are so painful I can hardly wear gloves.

I got my fantastic manicure last week and broached the subject with Kimberly. What can I do, I asked. She said, keep your hands out of water. So, I bought a couple pair of plastic gloves and have been using them religiously.

Now, the other problem with this effort to keep my hands out of water is that there are certain times–of course– you need to wash your hands, right. Here’s what I did: I used some soap foam and just wiped it off with a towel–not with water! I also bought some hand sanitizer with Aloe and use that when I out out. Sometimes I use body wash in a nourishing formula with shea butter and wipe that off with a towel.

Morning and night I will lightly clean my face with water–and Philosophy cleanser, my favorite, in the evening.

I am treating the hangnails I have with Neosporin. It heals them and is a great ointment for many ailments.

I also make an effort after I shower to immediately treat my skin with a moisturizing lotion. If you apply it within 3 minutes after you shower you will lock in more moisture.

I do think getting regular manicures with an excellent manicurist is essential as well. While I do often forgo them due to lack of time, I always feel better when I’ve had a relaxing manicure. I, your own Personal Stylist, go to “Nails by Kimberly” in Broad Ripple. Her phone number is 317-753-2988.

This is also a good time to evaluate your cleaning routine. I recommend you find a skin care routine and use all the products association with it since they are designed to all work together. I especially like a serum–day and night–and a nourishing night cream and eye cream.

If you need a good esthetician, I recommend Stephanie. She is excellent at Dermaplaning. She insists after this treatment, the products you apply with penetrate at the that deeper level. She is also located in Broad Ripple and can be reached at 317-468-9294.

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine,
Personal Stylist