Wearing the Ankle Pant

Are you ready to embrace the ankle pant? Should you or shouldn’t you? They are not new, but if you’ve been hesitant or bewildered by the ankle pant, this blog is for you. I have had a couple pair of these versatile pants, and I can attest to their value. Currently I have a pair of Julie Fit ankle pants from The Loft. They are washable, and the color is more purple than burgundy (this is the popular color this year).

You do have to be selective in the shoe you wear it with. I will wear them with a mid-heel (love Michael Kors mid-heel pumps). Don’t make the mistake of wearing  too high a heel with them. A pointy toe pump is one of the best to wear, and you can wear a block heel if it’s higher than 2.5 inches. If you wear ankle pants with a lower block heel, in my opinion they look somewhat “frumpy.”

At the other end of the spectrum, you can wear a pointy toe flat with them. I like this shoe better than a round toe flat such as a ballet flat. Beware of a chunky shoe with ankle pants since it may make your legs look cut off. I am not a fan of wearing Oxfords with ankle pants (I will wear them with straight or skinny pants.) . I think only a few women can sport this look–more of us need the height and length of a pointy-toe shoe.

Figure types do come into play with ankle pants. Women with fuller legs–especially–a bigger on the bottom shape– should buy the straight shape. Thinner women can wear the skinny ankle. Shorter, petite women can wear ankle pants, particularly if they rock a monochromatic look (shades of one color). Ankle pants flatter far more women than the shorter cousin–the Capri pant.

If you are larger in the hips, avoid bright color pants and large, racy prints as well as large plaids. You can wear small plaids and darker solids. If you are larger on the top or middle and have much smaller legs and hips, wear ankle pants with caution. You can rock the wider pants that the other figure types can’t pull off. Look in the mirror to decide. JCrew is selling some wider leg pants now that are slightly shorter than ankle pants.

Now, on to tops. with ankle pants, you can wear a button-down and jacket, a fitted sweater or a loose cardigan, and even a fuller Boho top. It’s a very individual looks. Balance, as always is key. If your pants are more fitted, you can wear a more loose top. However, if the larger, loose tops don’t flatter your figure, you should avoid them. A really classy look is a long vest, a tie blouse, ankle pants and a pump–perhaps a colorful one. See the photo.

Ankle pants can also be worn with more casual tops such as a chambray shirt or even a military or denim jacket. Play around with some different looks.

Try on several pairs, and have fun. I think you decide — yes, the ankle pant can work for me!