Want to Look Younger? Style and Beauty Mistakes to Avoid

When you’re young it’s easy to follow fashion because so many fashion designers design clothes with young people in mind. As we age, we might find it harder to connect to the clothes that are assigned to our age group. A lot of my Indianapolis Personal Stylist clients ask for me tips on how they can look younger. Looking younger can make you feel younger, too. Check out my list to help you look younger.

Indianapolis Personal Stylist List of Styling Mistakes To Avoid When Trying To Look Younger

#1 Tip To Avoid: Wearing black eyeliner all the way around your eyes.

As you get older, it’s been proven your eyes actually shrink, not by a lot, but by a little bit. When you take black liner and “line” your entire eye, you are making your eyes look much smaller. Make your eyes look bigger by investing in some good quality eye primer, some light beige eye shadow used to open up your eyes. Then use eyeliner on the top and even extend it a little in a winged tip. I even put a little color at the side of my eye to draw the eye up.If you need help in deciding the best eye shadow and eye liner looks for your eyes, please book a makeup consult with Beth Divine Style.

#2 Tip To Avoid: Comfort Shoes All The Time

Try not to give up on wearing heels. Wearing all comfort shoes all the time ages you, It just does. Try some brands such as Ugg, Vionic, and Sofft that have some fashionable styles that will look chic and be comfortable. Also Michael Kors, Calvn Klein, Nine West and other brands are more comfortable.

#3 Tip Is For The Guys

Guys, it goes without saying to avoid the comb-over. Shaving your head and going bald is more youthful than the comb-over.

#4 – Watch Your Hair Color

Never dye your hair shoe-polish black (men or women). As you age, going back to the color of your youth, 100 percent, will not make you look younger. Using some of your natural colors in your look work, even if it’s a grey or ash color.

#5 – Avoid Too Much Blush

Wearing too much blush, ladies. I think of the movie, “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane” with Betty Davis. The way she did her makeup was intentional—for her to look childish and slightly crazed—but it’s a good lesson. Go light on the blush if you wear it at all. I love cream blush, and I use Bobbi Brown’s and Elizabeth Arden’s versions. Maybelline has some good ones, too.

#6 – Avoid Too Much Black

Wearing black all the time: Give it up. Yes, black is a fashion color, but as an Indianapolis Personal Stylist, I tell my clients to avoid wearing black from head to toe. It shows all the lines and shadows in your face. If you must wear black, wear it with another color such as navy, brown, chambray blue.

#7 – Lose The Sweats & Elastic Waists

Wearing comfort clothing all the time: with COVID-19, we’ve all gotten into a rut. Don’t stay there. Get dressed; wear colors you love and put away the shorts and athletic wear for now. It’s not work-wear, even if it’s on Zoom.

Indianapolis Personal Stylist warns about unruly facial hair#8 – Another Tip For the Guys, Work on Your Facial Hair

When it comes to growing long beards, women are impressed if you can grow a beard and rock it. Good for you. However, just know if you have a ZZ Top beard, with white and grey hair, you’re going to look older. A clean-shaven look is always a younger look. Make sure you get your beard shaped and trimmed frequently if you have one.

#9 – Watch How Much Weight You Lose

Avoid extremes in weight. You’re not going to believe this: I am advising you NOT to lose too much weight or exercise too much. It’s aging. We all know the man or woman who needed to lose a little weight but when you lose too much weight, it can result in a gaunt, lined face. Sometimes we need to give up trying to stay at the weight of our youth. Don’t be obsessed with a number.

#10 – Don’t Fall Into the Hair Color Trap

The other extreme has to do with hair color. Except for a very short time in our lives, our hair was never all one color such as all golden blonde, all black, all red. As you age, having some different colors in your hair, even some grey or white, looks more realistic and is flattering. I, too, have fallen into this trap and colored my hair all golden blonde. Now, the color is half ash, half warm, and a little grey. It’s good to have a little warm color to your hair, even if it was an ash color when you were younger.

Want More Indianapolis Personal Stylist Advice?

For more tips and tricks about looking younger, check out some of my other blogs. Or contact me to set up an Indianapolis Personal Stylist consultation. We can color match you or help you revamp your wardrobe so you’ll always feel younger no matter the situation.


Keep is sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA

AICI Certified Image Consultant, Indianapolis Personal Stylist