The hourglass silhouette

I am going through silhouettes on my blog, and have already talked about the Pear Shape, also known as bigger on the bottom.

This time, I am looking at the hourglass, or the proportional shape. If you have this shape, you’re lucky! Your shoulders and hips measure about the same, and your waist is about 10 inches or less. You may be tall, petite or average size. You most likely have a long neck and look great in turtlenecks. Wear them!

As for dresses, you have many options. Show your waist, your great legs and great proportions.

Remember to keep your prints proportioned to your size. Petites wear smaller prints, average can wear a little larger prints, and if you are tall — go all out. You can wear the strong, larger prints.

Have fun!

Keep it Classy, Indy.