Guys and Gals: Statements Pieces and How to Wear Them

This light pink blazer is a great statement piece

This blog is going to touch on statement pieces.  Why we need them, what they do for us and our style and when to know we have too many. Take it from this Personal Stylist, statement pieces and really add some “pizazz” to both men’s and women’s wardrobes.

My definition of statement pieces is that clothing that “stands out.” You remember it; you love it, but you probably don’t wear it every day. I recently bought a “statement” blazer. It’s teal velvet with delicate flowers from (It’s a British company. Check it out if you’re a romantic like me and like the girlish feel of their lines.) David Edwards CC is, partly owned by one of my image consultant colleagues, is a perfect example of some statement pieces. I particularly love their print shirts.

I plan to wear the jacket with a simple red blouse and jeans, a navy basic dress or navy pants and red shoes. The blazer is a statement piece because you see it, and it “stands out.” I love this blazer and will wear it with caution because people remember statement pieces, and it’s not something I wanted to always be remembered for wearing. I did not buy the matching pants — for me that’s too much going on. I could have bought the floral pants and made them my statement piece — but I am much smaller on the top than the bottom so I put my “statements” above the waist or in my jewelry.

Bright shoes for men can make a statement Guys, what is a statement piece for you? It all depends on your style. If you are more of a conservative dresser, your statement piece maybe a pair of yellow or Nantucket red pants or shorts. A very loud Hawaiian shirt is fun to wear in the summer. If you like black and edgier, it could be a black print shirt under your leather jacket or just wearing leather pants. Add some fun to your feet and wear bright colored shoes. If you like to be understated and wear suits to work, perhaps it’s a fun print or a bold tie and pocket square. Bomber jackets can be fun pieces that will incorporate a colors into your outfit.

This Personal Stylist a huge favorite of pocket squares for any guy who wears a suit or sport coat. You do so much with them. The key to making it work is to use a statement color such as bright blue, purple, green or even red in a print. Then coordinate it with your tie, but you don’t have to match it.

Every Sunday, my husband wears his custom-made suit (yes, they are amazing, but he only has two), with a tie and “coordinating” pocket square. He has really learned how to use them and the different folds. We use colors that “go” together such as navy and red, pink and blue, navy and yellow, yellow and navy, purple and navy, purple and green…the list goes on.

Ties and pocket squares can share common colors and still match without matching patterns

I keep the shirt more subtle when we’re mixing patterns; however, to make a statement, guys, wear a small floral print in a similar print or color to your pocket square. I’d skip the tie.

My husband has a large collection of pocket squares that he wears pretty often. He has a strong collection of ties too so he has options to mix and match colors. So have some fun, and make a statement — whatever that statement may be!

Keep it sassy, Indy!

Beth Divine, Certified Image Consultant
Personal Stylist