School Drop-Off Looks By Your Image Consultant

As I was scrolling through Facebook, this article caught my eye: a principal in Houston created a dress code for parents — she did not like the appearance of parents as they dropped their children off to school. So she created a dress code just for them. As your Indianapolis Image Consultant, I feel compelled to share!Read it here.

The Good, The Bad, The… Not Going to Happen?

Image ConsultantAt first I read it and chuckled. This news will not go over well with parents — some have trouble getting started in the morning and are focused on getting their children up and ready for school and not their own image. Perhaps their image and appearance is the last thing on their mind. I don’t do the school routine, so I can’t say I’ve been there. But as a consultant, however, struggle with sometimes being on time and looking in my best image. It’s difficult for all of us.

As an Image Consultant, I have to admire this school principal. She was sending a message to parents — that they are the image role models for their how their children learn to dress. This is so true.

As a consultant, I have had the conversation with clients who were never taught how to keep  up their appearance and even buy clothes that look good on them or that flatter them. This attitude of being lost in a store follows them into adulthood. Eventually, they meet me and tell me these feelings and thoughts.

Drop Off Looks From Your Image Consultant

Anyway, this blog will look at some easy, attractive “School Drop Off” looks for men and women. Since I live near two elementary schools, I know that dads are just as often the parents who take their children to school.

Here are Beth Divine Style’s Tips:

  1. The easiest way to get dressed in the morning is to have enough basics that go together. Hands down this makes every outfit easier to put together.
  2. Have enough neutral layering options such as a denim or military jacket; a bomber and cardigan sweater. Since we all know Indiana weather is constantly changing, have layers to put on that are attractive and stylish. Keep this layers near your kitchen or mud room so you can quickly grab them.
  3. Don’t be afraid to buy some Wellies. I love Hunter’s…they are worth the investment.
  4. Everyone needs some comfortable jeans or Chinos they can wear in the morning for a put-together look.
  5. When you buy your jean/chinos, be sure and buy tops are the same time that coordinate what your other separates. I like the Briton for women, and for men a grey or black T or polo.
  6. Invest in a good raincoat with a hood. How often have you been caught in the rain without an umbrella. Having a real raincoat with a hood will save you every time.
  7. Image ConsultantDon’t have time to shower? Use some dry hair shampoo and some body wipes to freshen up. Don’t forget deodorant.

Here are some of my favorite basics…

Military jacket

Ladies military jacket

Cardigans for her

Another Women’s Cardigan Option

Comfortable shoes for him

Simple T’s

Ladies, you already know how to buy a T. Consider a dress, too, that doesn’t wrinkle that will be comfortable. I really love this wrinkle-free travel dress in navy from Orvis. I am thinking of buying this piece! It also comes in olive if you prefer that color.

From your favorite Image Consultant, just in general, also look at wrinkle-free shirts and pants. They will look fresh in the morning


With a little effort, parents, you can be ready for school, too, in a look that your children will be proud of! Go to it! Live in your best image!

Keep it sassy, Indy.




Beth Divine Style

AICI Certified Image Consultant, MA