The Rise of Denim Shorts

As you look around at what women of all ages are wearing, you’ll have to agree: The cut-off denim short dominates, second to the fringy denim skirt. along had 512 choices. Wow, that’s hard to believe. Well readers, while I have nearly every denim jean out there it seems, I do not have denim shorts. So, my journey begins to see what I can find and educate and entertain you along the way.

The title of today’s Personal Stylist blog has two meanings: Yes, denim shorts are very popular. Second, the “rise” of denim shorts is key to how they fit you and how they look.

Recommendations from Your Personal Stylist

Personal Stylist denim shorts favoriteWhether you realize it or not, the rise is the measurement between your natural waist and your crotch. It’s a key measurement to know when you buy jeans and pants, and when it’s right you won’t have baggy crotch also known as Carmel-toe. It’s important to pay attention and measure yourself or just realize that not all shorts/pants are created equal.

Style Reccomendation: The Boyfriend Short

Hourglass, bigger in the middle and rectangle shapes can probably rock about any type of denim short as long as they fit the rise and are not too tight or too baggy. You have to try them on though, trust me! The length depends on your legs, but usually, these figures have good legs and can wear thigh-length or even shorter shorts and look really good. You might even want to try the denim short overalls. On some figures, it’s’ really cute and trendy.

Plus, and bigger on the bottom ladies have to be pickier about what shorts they wear. A darker rinse is always more slimming, as is a mid-thigh to knee-length short. Sometimes a wider-leg short can produce a nicer silhouette; although it should not be too wide.

The shoes you wear with shorts are important. I, your Personal Stylist, like a shoe that shoes skin since it does not cut off the leg. Booties and clunky tennis shoes are for teenagers or someone with an hourglass figure. I like a strappy sandal or even a wedge.

Style Recommendation: The Mikkel Shorts

Personal Stylist choice of denim shorts paired with a kimono jaketWhat type of top to wear with denim shorts? I prefer short sleeve to sleeveless, fitted more than a heavier top. One exception is an airy bohemian, gauze tunic or even a kimono with a fitted top underneath – they pair well with denim shorts. Also, an animal print can work with denim — see left. Make sure it’s the right shade of neutral for you.

Style Recommendation: Crochet Back Top

Think of mixing saturations. This was one of the first things I learned in style class, and I think it makes sense: Mix darks with darks and lights with lights to create a longer, unified silhouette.

Make sure the scale of prints that you wear fit your shape: petite with a smaller scale, average height with slightly larger print and grand size with big, very bold prints.

The best colors you wear are going to depend on your hair, skin tone and eye color, along with their intensity. The color/style analysis is one of the most popular services I offer. What a transformation it is to know the colors that make your eyes shine and skin/hair harmonizes with what you wear. If you’d like a color analysis email your favorite Personal Stylist at I’d love to help you!

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA, AICI Certified Image Consultant, and Personal Stylist