Personal Stylist or Wardrobe Stylist?

Hello Fashionistas,

I was talking to a trusted business-type friend, you know what I mean. Great sales person, knows the markets, etc., money management. We all need advice in those areas, right. Anyway, he looked at my card and said, when I read your card, I don’t know what it means. I said, oh no, people know what Personal Stylist means! I was taken aback somewhat, but I am never one not to listen to good advice.

So I started thinking–do people really know what Personal Stylist means. If you’ve ever watched the TV show What Not to Wear, you know what a Personal Stylist is–someone who helps clients find their personal style in clothing is, what clothing shapes work better for them, the best colors they can wear, and the tricks of the trade to make them look taller, slimmer, more balanced. (Well, if you don’t know what an Indianapolis Personal Stylist is, after that explanation you’d have a much better idea.)

So for this blog, I am going to further my definition of an Indianapolis Personal Stylist and say — it’s also appropriate to use the term Indianapolis Wardrobe Stylist interchangeably with Personal Stylist. Both monikers describe someone who works with clothing and puts together outfits.

Many times, on the first appointment, I spend quite a while looking through clients’ clothing, sorting out what to keep, what to alter, what to donate. Even though I ask clients quite a few questions before I look at their closet about style, what they like/don’t like, I find that the real story is always in the closet. I can’t tell you how many times I will think I know what a client likes, etc, but then I open up the closet, and the story is completely different. There are a couple of reasons for this…

  • A client’s style may have changed due to lifestyle such as weight loss, relationship change (now dating or wants to amp up dating looks), job change such as dress code from formal to business casual or even retirement or telecommuting and working at home.
  • The client buys things he/she has always bought for whatever reason and it no longer works.
  • A client really doesn’t know his/her style.
  • A client just want to make a change and start all over.

So the Indianapolsi Personal Stylist, aka Indianapolis Wardrobe Stylist, begins to look at the client’s clothing and decide the next steps.

I find when I look at a closet, I can always find some new outfits from what the clients already has. That is fun because the client thinks she/he is using what is there to the fullest.

Clients also try on clothing that I am not sure about to see whether to keep it or donate it. Many times some clothing just needs to be altered to fit better.

I find two of the common issues with clothing is that clients buy clothing on sale that does not go with anything in their closet; they buy the wrong colors for them or they buy clothing that is too big or too small. So many people don’t know their size and just the sizing out there in general does not makes sense to the consumer.

Anyway, Indianapolis Wardrobe Stylists and Indianapolis Personal Stylists are really the same thing. I hope I cleared that up for some of you!

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, Your Indianapolis Personal Stylist