Travel Tips for a Woman on the Run …

Hello, fashionistas! I just came back from two trips. Both demanding specific outfits I, your Personal Stylist, didn’t usually need. The first trip was to my husband’s college reunion in California. Right there you know it’s going to stump you. Everyone knows – people in California dress completely different from Midwesterners. They pull off that casual, easy outfits with finesse. I would have much rather gone to an NYC college reunion since they dress much more formal and it’s in my personal comfort zone.

So…what did I wear. Something to note, we were walking around the campus for three days – which covered so much ground since this was Pomona College, part of the Redland schools. Basically, it consists of five small liberal arts and sciences schools.

Personal Stylist Dresses All Day Every Day

Personal Stylist floral wrap dressI knew we’d be going to outdoor barbecues, a president’s dinner, some student concerts, and even some classes. What I ended up doing was this…I wore dresses. I, your Personal Stylist, am a dress girl! One of the personal dresses was a red cotton A-line, and I threw my leather jacket and a hat over it. My stylist tip, pair it with Espadrilles. I was also wearing my large, oversized sunglasses much of the time.

For the more formal dinner – which was outside I might add – I wore a blue floral wrap dress and some leopard flats. Since we were walking around the Quad. That was probably my personal favorite outfit.

I also wore some medium blue cotton pants and a long-sleeved Bohemian top. That was a nice option. It all seemed to go well. Stylist crisis averted.

Here are some pics of clothes that are similar to what I wore:

Draper Jame Circle Dress


The Rest of the Trip

The rest of our trip was seeing our family. On the last day of the college reunion, we drove south to Irvine to see my brother’s barbershop concert. It was quite good. Since I wanted to look nice but not too dressed up. As a stylist, I always try to look the part. So, I wore one of my jumpsuits. This one is really plain but so flattering. It makes me look so tall, and navy is one of my personal best colors.

This one is very similar to mine.

Personal Stylist on the Run…No, Really

The rest of the trip included running in a half marathon. I don’t need to show you that outfit since it was purely functional.

I was really impressed with Loft’s selection of shorts. As a stylist, it’s important to not only know my shape, but the shape of all of my Personal Stylist clients to better dress them. I am a bigger on the bottom shape, and I rarely wear bold, printed shorts. I liked the T-shirts they had too and bought a top in floral like this gold one.

Final Day for Your Personal Stylist

Personal Stylist dress and denim jacketFor our final day, we toured Paramount Studio. It was fun – but I was sad I didn’t see any real TV shows being filmed. Anyway, for that excursion into LA, I wanted to look California-relaxed and wore an outfit similar to this one with a denim jacket and sandals.

I have been seeing these type dresses everywhere. They are stylist approved I love them since they are so comfortable. I wore a lighter rinse denim jacket with it. As the weather warms up, be sure and lighten up the color and weight of your clothing and accessories.

My denim jacket was from J. Crew and like this one.

So, all in all, I felt well-dressed and prepared for all I did on this trip. I hope your travels are fun and stress-free. If you need a stylist to help you shop or create a wardrobe that works better for your lifestyle, contact me!

Keep it sassy, Indy.



Beth Divine, Indianapolis Certified Image Consultant and Personal Stylist