Out-of-the-way places for unique clothing and jewelry!

We live near Broad Ripple, considered the artsy, fun neighborhood north of Indianapolis. We love it here because we live next to White River, yet our neighborhood is very close to downtown Indianapolis. I also like the many Mom and Pop shops that I frequent in Broad Ripple where I know many of the shop owners. It’s like living in a small town.

Anyway, two of my favorite haunts are The Toggery (consignment store) and Sasha’s Watch and Jewelry Repair. I took in an armload of clothing to The Toggery this morning, and found a real gem: A belted, short camo jacket with lace accents. It’s a loud print, and probably too big a print for me, but I was attracted to it. No 1: I don’t own any camo, and I wouldn’t ever wear the pants–for obvious reasons. No. 2: It was really different, and a good price…under$24. Sold, It’s hanging in my closet now, and I can’t wait to wear it with black jeans. (I bought it after a somewhat long conversation with the sales associate. She’d had her baby, and we talked about her name, etc.)

Michael needed a new battery for his watch, and I went to Sasha’s Watch and Jewelry Repair store on Broad Ripple Avenue. Sasha has piles of jewelry, watches, clocks, etc.., perfect for browsing. As  he used his delicate tools to replace Michael’s battery, it occurred to me: I needed a new watch, and this was a perfect place to find one! I used to have a very large menswear watch, but I found it way too heavy. Sasha, of course, showed me the perfect watch. “It’s a Kenneth Cole watch, too, and looks good on your wrist, and it’s a Kenneth Cole, too.” Sold: I am wearing it now, and I love it.

If you ever frequent pawn shops or consignment shops, you might be surprised! Maybe you’ll find some little gems that complete your wardrobe! Or strike up a friendly conversation — enjoy!

Happy Shopping!

B. Divine