Subscription Boxes: Yes or No?

Which Subscription boxes are worth it from an Image ConsultantYes, everyone, there was a time when I used some subscription services. Even as an Image Consultant I believe that some are better than others, and they each have their pros and cons.  It’s been a few years, but if you’re considering signing up for a personal styling subscription, my experiences might be enlightening.

Clothing Subscription Boxes

Two-or-three years ago, I tried Stitch Fix. What I liked about the service is that sometimes they sent me some very different merchandise. We all love that, I admit. A big part of what I do as a stylist is to encourage clients to get out of their comfort zone. This is why I pre-shop for them first, based on what I think they need and would like. Then clients meet me.

What I noticed immediately is that their survey did not even address many things that are essential to style and fit. They did not base any clothing selections on my best colors. I have heard Stitch Fix now offers some sizes and more variety. Remember, their process is that your clothing choices are figures by an algorithm, not a person.

Second, I don’t think Stitch Fix considers your shape. This is a key factor you have to learn about as an Image Consultant. Certain shapes and colors flatter you; others do not and even make you look worse. Customers are asked to post favorite clothing on Pinterest boards.

Case in point: I am a classic pear shape. Although my shape is really more petite, even though I am 5’4″. Stitch Fix sent me some very tight-fitting, tapered black knit slacks. Needless to say, they looked terrible. They also sent me a very bright white tailored button-down to wear with the black pants. This was not a good outfit for me. I rarely wear or even own an all-white button-down.

If you want to try a subscription box, I recommend Trunk Club since it’s owned by Nordstrom. We all know and love their customer service.

As an Image Consultant, I always recommend you try on clothing in a store and don’t rely solely on an online store or subscription services for our wardrobe needs. A box will give you one item that looks good, but nothing to compliment it. Being able to mix-and-match pieces in a store is the best way to shop for clothes.

Makeup Subscription Boxes

Personal Image Consultant recommends make up subscription boxes to keep you up-to-date on the latest trends

These kinds of services were more in line with what I wanted and needed. I subscribed to BirchBox and enjoyed it. I also liked Sephora’s Beauty Box. While the personalization was not the best, I love makeup and new products makeup subscription boxes like and BirchBox/Sephora. They’re always sending you the latest products which is good because even as an Image Consultant it’s hard to always keep up with what’s new.

I also like the Allure Beauty Box. They routinely rate products in their magazine that I have received for years. Again, it’s fun to receive and look over products offered. It’s amazing to me how fast makeup and skincare evolves and changes over time. As we age, evaluating and updating your skincare routine is essential. Even if it’s within the same cosmetics line such as Clinique, Clarins, or Lancome. You’d be surprised how much their products change too even though these are reputable companies that have been around for years!

Food Box Subscriptions

Image Consultant warns against food box subscriptionsI have not tried the meal programs that deliver to your door beside a fresh vegetable box we used to get and love. We just couldn’t eat all the food we received. Overall, I think the boxes would be great but one caution: watch the portions. Although these boxes market themselves as healthy alternatives, sometimes their food can be packed with extra calories than if you just made dinner yourself. Even with lower calorie food, I have found eating too much of it does very little for maintaining or achieving weight loss.

Others have told me that food boxes like Hello Fresh and Blue Apron subscriptions do great at accomplishing the same thing the other boxes do, get you out of your comfort zone. They give you a complete recipe with exotic ingredients, so you get excited to try something new.

Once you get your box, you need to make the food fast. The boxes are designed to keep food fresh in storage and transit, but once it gets to you it will start to go bad quickly. Unless you have zero cooking skills or hate grocery shopping, food box subscriptions are fun to try but are not great for the long term.


Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA, AICI Certified Image Consultant, Image Consultant