A New Lesson Plan for this Teacher

If you’ve ever wondered how a personal styling will go, here is a case study for you. Amanda contacted me for a style makeover. She said, “I have a lot of clothes, but I can’t seem to consistently put together outfits.” Intrigued, we arranged to meet at my home office and do a style/shape/color analysis, and then look at some of her favorite outfits.

Making an appointment with an Indianapolis Image Consultant isn’t a harsh critique of your body type or dumping out your closet. You know what you like. My goal is to give you more options so you feel confident in everything you wear.

Cool For Teacher

Indianapolis Image Consultant Recommendation: For cool complexions, your hair should have less warm tones in itWhen Amanda walked in, it was clear to me: She had very cool coloring. From her brown hair, bright, blue-grey eyes to her fair, milky complexion. I liked her black and grey outfit—two neutral colors that were perfect for her.

Her color analysis was pretty straight forward. Amanda has a “Cool,” color pallet. She looks better in clear cool colors such as black, grey, bright pink, purple, hunter green. Her best white was a bright white. Certainly not cream or earth tones such as rust, orange or warm yellow.

First, I changed her lipstick from a rusty burgundy to bright fuchsia. Her wardrobe was pretty easy in that I saw many of her good colors, but she also had some rust, beige and cream neutrals These colors did not flatter her but rather, made her look older and tired.

As an Indianapolis Image Consultant, I believed some of Amanda’s challenge with her wardrobe was her hair color. She has brown hair, but she added some warm, copper highlights to it. This is a common effect many stylists like to add to brown hair. It was a pretty color and cut, but it was not in harmony with Amanda’s cool eyes and skin. I suggested a cooler brown with maybe some ash tones in it. I did not think the warm tones should continue.

Amanda could really rock black, grey and navy as neutrals. Her best metal was silver which she really liked already. Fortunately, Amanda has taken care of her skin for years, thanks to her mother who sells Mary Kay. I immediately noticed Amanda’s striking skin and shining hair. Never underestimate the importance of having a skincare routine and taking care of your skin.

Outfit Recommendations

Indianapolis Image Consultant Recommendation: for cool colors, wear silver jewelry Amanda’s shape is a classic triangle. She has beautiful curves and a short waist, and she was slightly bigger on the bottom. For this shape, we went through Amanda’s current wardrobe. I showed her how to upset the balance and draw more attention to the top by wearing dark, plain cut jeans, or pants with a straight or flare leg. Pair this with a horizontal, stripe jacket with a wide neckline. I also suggested Amanda wear more narrow belts to draw the eye up and focus on her small waist. The goal is to bring attention to the top of her shape.

She’s also petite in her height so she needs to avoid really large prints and shapes. This light blueprint fit and flare dress from Nordstrom was a good choice for her because it showcased her small waist, eased over her hips and showed a pretty neckline and thin arms! Very chic, Amanda! Draper James, Reese Witherspoon’s clothing company, makes great dresses for smaller girls. For Amanda, I recommended this Chambray Popover Dress. For a sophisticated look that wasn’t a dress, I recommended this Jumpsuit from White House Black Market.


Contact Me, Your Indianapolis Image Consultant For Your Own Personal Styling

Now you have a new lesson for your own style! If you’re like Amanda and you just have a hard time coordinating outfits or are just looking for something new in your closet, I can help! With new spring and summer looks coming out, I can keep your style fresh no matter what season! Contact me today to learn more.

Until then, Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA, AICI CIC

Indianapolis Image Consultant