More on Silhouettes–The “No Curves” Figure

We’ve been talking about different silhouettes, and this time we are going to talk about the straight, the “H” or “no curves” silhouette. The person with this figure is straight and has to create some curves. You know you have a straight figure if you measure yourself and there is not much different between your bust, waist and hips.

One celebrity who has this challenge is Kate Hudson. She is thin, straight and not curvy. Most often, the “no curves” person is athletic and slim.

To consciously create some curves, try using a belt, tops/dresses with lots of detail such as ruffles, buttons, trim, different colors. Scarves, used in moderation, can add some volume to your neckline. Statement necklaces are your friend!

On the bottom, skinny jeans will make you look too thin! Embrace boyfriend or even a slight bootleg jean, as well the full, printed pants that are in style right now.

The fitted sheaths and classic shifts work well with your shape, while an Empire waist or simple A-line skirt help to create some curves. One-shoulder styles ensure a dramatic silhouette (Nordstrom).

Full, printed skirts will look great as well!

Balance is always the key for you! Have fun with it.

Keep it classy, Indy!
B. Divine