Men’s Casual Clothing is Fun

Indianapolis Personal Stylist for Men

When it’s hot outside I like to wear to shorts. So does everyone else! The tricky part is finding an ensemble that’s flattering and comfortable.

For men, has some great options. When I was taking the Men’s Wear Class in New York City last summer, I was rather surprised to learn that some commonly worn casual summer clothing choices for men should be avoided. One is wearing the “shacked.” This is when men wear shorts or pants, a T-shirt that’s often a color, and then put a button down shirt over it. This is the shacket. The better alternative is to pair a short-sleeve button down shirt with shirts that go to the knee. (It’s up to the man whether or not he wears an undershirt under it.

Another clothing option to avoid is wearing gym shoes with “street” clothing. These are running shoes or used for other sports. The better option is wearing the casual sneaker with casual weekend clothing that is not workout clothing. I have pictured some options here. (First, and second, from Polo,

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, Indianapolis Personal Stylist