Men: Some Trends for Spring

Spring is here! For women, that means running to the store and trying the latest spring trends. For men, that means the same thing, believe it or not! As we’re slowly seeing things open back up, we are seeing a return to the office. Do your work clothes still fit? Maybe it’s time to consider a spring update. Beth Divine, Indianapolis Men’s Stylist, has a keen eye for color and style. You’ll be surprised at what looks good on you, even if it’s not your “usual” color. But if you don’t want to take a women’s word for it, Edwards Bruice, Founder of David Edwards Clothier,  takes us through some of his top choices for men for this spring.

Indianapolis Men’s Stylists Picks The Latest Looks For Spring

Think Pink

Cream & effortless jacket.  Cream is the classic summer neutral that is versatile to wear to informal backyard events or work.  Pairs perfectly with the other spring trends; effortless jacket, neon yellow, and floral shirts. Summer’s theme is informality and remaining cool.  Jaime’s pink effortless jacket will help you be a ‘Double Cool”  (temperature/best) dressed at your summer parties.  Cream shirt (extra large)  and pink jacket (available for special order only) by Jaime Hemsani.  Jeans by J Brand (not available) and floral belt (special order) by Jaime Hesmani. Pink is also a hot color for spring, as seen on the streets of Paris earlier 2021! It is certainly a color men can wear that flatters many skin tones.

pink shirt & bomber jacket:  studies have shown men who wear pink make more money and gets the girl or guy.  Bomber jacket represents a free spirit which we all want to be this summer after a stressful 2020.  Pink gingham shirt by Edo Popkin (15.3/4), black & white bomber jacket by Jaime Hemsani (40/42); J brand jeans (not available) and black floral belt by Jaime Hemsani (special order only).

Show Off Those Spring Colors

Flower power:  the flower is a symbol of hope which was one of the top design inspirations for spring 2021. Floral interpretations ranged from abstract, 70’s style, Aloha prints, bold hibiscus,  Jaime’s inspiration for his floral shirt (large) were Mexico City’s famous Gardens of Xochimilco. Marc Jacobs jeans (not available) and black stud belt by Jaime Hemsani (special order).  Not Sold? Indianapolis Men’s Stylist says think of it as a grown-up version of the Hawaiian shirt. Same florals, but way classier. 

Vertical lines/pastel colors:  who does not love vertical stripes?  It helps hide the extra winter pounds and for the classic dresser, vertical stripes are a safe experiment wearing patterns.  Jaime has designed a handsome vertical stripe shirt using pastel colors which symbolize optimism.  Jaime’s vertical pastel shirt (large) and dark green bomber jacket are an excellent pairing option for warm days and cool nights.

Book Your Indianapolis Men’s Styling Appointment

Gentlemen, you may be heading back to the office soon, or maybe on a date in a public place again. Will your wardrobe be ready? A fashionable man is an impressive man, so knock their socks off with an appointment with Beth Divine, Indianapolis Men’s Stylist. Whether it’s because you want to give your look a mature upgrade, or you want to have a solid date night outfit, schedule an appointment by contacting Beth today!

Special Thanks To Edwards Buice! 

Edwards Buice is the Founder and Creative Director at David Edwards Clothier. He writes other great blogs, such as CASHMERE: VERSATILE, STYLISH, AND WARM and The Anti-Schlumper, One Jewish guy’s Quest to Teach Men How To Dress Well, Even When Dressing Down