Men: What is Your Style, and How Can You Rock It?

Men have certain style types, too, even if they may not think it as often as women. For instance, I remember talking about leather jackets with our stockbroker. He wears a lot of plain suits andskinny ties. But at the suggestion of adding a leather jacket to his wardrobe, he said, “I am not a leather jacket kind of guy.” I thought that was interesting, and it made me realize, as an Indianapolis Men’s Stylist, men don’t categorize themselves into certain styles like women tend to do. But just because they don’t think about style categories, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. If you’re lost in the world of men’s styling, keep reading to learn how to identify your own style.

Common Styles For Men

Classic or Preppy Style:

I would categorize our stockbroker as a pure “preppy” or classic style. He often wears Ralph Lauren pinstripe suits, paisley ties, and crisp, monogrammed white shirts with gold cufflinks. On weekends he might wear the Nantucket Red shorts or bright colored pants paired with a button-down polo from a designer like Polo Ralph Lauren.

A classic dresser will have designer jeans that are tailored for a perfect fit. Shoes will be expensive but classic such as a leather driving loafer.



Another type of style in men is the sporty look. Like their female counterpart, these men spend the least amount of time thinking about their wardrobe or special grooming. This guy is not going to get a designer haircut. He lives in athleisure clothing and instead of spending his money on formalwear, he might pay for higher quality sweat-wicking apparel.  He may wear a special button-down shirt or jeans for a date. His favorite jeans are most likely Lee, Levi, or even Wrangler. He may have several pairs of sneakers, and many of them will be for certain sports or hobbies. You wouldn’t catch him wearing Air Jordans on the golf course.

If your closest is full of cowboy hats, cowboy boots, or camouflage shirts and hats, then you’ve got a sporty style too.  Cattle rustling, bull riding, and hunting are all sports after all.



The edgy man will put more thought into making his outfit stand out. He will seek out couture and unusual clothing. Most men wouldn’t dare touch some of the things that make this man’s outfit shine. This person likes black leather moto jackets and will pair them with different textures and prints. You might see him sport animal prints, print shirts, and even florals.

In all, this style type seeks to stand out and be known for wearing clothes and combinations most guys would not own or would be able to put together. If he wears a suit, it will be a nontraditional suit in a sleek cut; bright, shiny fabrics. Shoes will be in many different colors and styles. Chinos won’t be in the traditional khaki or olive hue. They may be red, orange, bright blue. They may like designers such as Off-White by Virgil Abloh. Abloh is a designer who combines edgy and sporty into a unique style.  If you’ve ever watched the NBA or NFL draft and have seen some of the bright colored suits and tuxes new recruits arrive in and think “that kid’s got style,” then you probably are leaning towards an edgy style yourself.


Funky or Bold:

Finally, the funky and bold man will be all about trends and what’s currently “in”. He will look at the runways and do his own take on the outfits from there. He wouldn’t hesitate to wear a bright green suit or a pink suit. Think Harry Styles from One Direction and his pale pink suit. Haircuts will be original to the times. They’ll probably have a wide variety of shoes for a multitude of outfits and occasions.


Take The Indianapolis Men’s Stylist Quiz

See any of yourself in these groups? Believe it or not, we can fit into a couple of different groups, although most have a dominant and a secondary group. Take this style quiz to help your Indianapolis Men’s Stylist pinpoint some good looks for you. Let us know where you fall, you might be surprised by the results!

My Favorite Type of Jacket Is A:

A – Hoodie
B – Leather Jacket
C – Blazer
D – Bomber Jacket

I Prefer to Wear This Type of Watch:

A – No Watch
B – A watch with a lot of detail such as Rolex
C – A simple faced watch
D – A colorful rubber watch such as an Apple or digital watch

My Work Attire Consists Of:

A – I can wear sweatpants if I would like
B – Business casual but I can add a personal spin
C – Business professional
D – Creativity is encouraged

Colors I Commonly Wear Are:

A – Greys, blues, and reds
B – Blacks, and greys
C – Navy, white, and khaki
D – Any color

The Celebrity That Seems the Most Similar to My Style Is:

A – Adam Sandler
B – Brad Pitt
C – Ryan Reynolds
D – Kanye West

My Go-To Shoes Are: 

A – Basic tennis shoe
B – Leather boots;
C – Boat shoes
D – Trendy sneakers

In My Free Time, I Often:

A – Watch sports
B – Go to a concert
C – Hang outside with friends
D – Go to an art market

Which Is Your Outfit Choice For Date Night:

A –  T-shirt and sneakers
B – A leather jacket and ripped jeans
C – A dress shirt and dark jeans
D – A printed button-up and statement shoes

My Feelings About Patterns Are: 

A – I hate them
B – I don’t mind them
C – I like subtle patterns
D – I love patterns

My Bag Of Choice is:

A – I don’t carry around a bag
B – I carry a leather satchel
C – I carry a briefcase
D – I carry a backpack

Indianapolis Men’s Stylist Quiz Results

If you got mostly A’s you have the sporty style

If you got mostly B’s you have edgy style

If you got mostly C’s you have classic preppy style

If you got mostly D’s you have funky and bold style


See something of yourself, here? Now that you know your style, Contact Me for a wardrobe styling or color matching. Investing in an Indianapolis Men’s Stylist will not only improve your appearance, but you’ll probably feel more confident knowing you look good in the clothes you’re wearing.


Keep is sassy, Indy!

Beth Divine Style, MA, AICI Certified Image Consultant & Indianapolis Men’s Stylist