Creating Your Own Spa Time!

We all have those days when all we want to do is…come home, take a warm bath, soak, put on some sweet-smelling lotion and relax. Cuddle up in a warm robe, catch up on our favorite TV series or book. Right now I am reading the new book about Patty Hearst: American Heiress by Jeffrey Toobin…it’s very good, and I can’t put it down!

I am finally getting into Game of Thrones–like many others in my city of Indianapolis. Yes, I am late, but I find I really like it. I am a huge fan of John Snow. He’s my favorite. My husband has read all of the books. He’s an amazing reader (yes, I fell in love with his mind, too, besides his caring, sweet personality.)

Indianapolis Personal Stylist Tips on bathrobes

Anyway, back to our topic, key to relaxing, in my opinion, is find the right bathrobe that’s soft and comfortable. I find it very difficult to find this! Often they are too hot; I can’t wear them year round, or they just don’t hold up after washing. I have found what I consider a nearly perfect bathrobe. I found it at Target! It’s by Xhilaration™. I love the soft knit fabric and neutral color in grey, and the hood on it, even though I never use that. It washes nicely and I dry it on a rack. I bought another one in mint green, shown here.

As for bath products, I like Avon’s bubble baths, particularly the Sense Blushing Kiss variety. They smell so nice and are softening in your bath but not sticky or don’t have an overpowering scent. As for cleanser, I like Beauty Counter’s Citrus Mimosa shower gel. It has an amazing smell — like fresh lemons and oranges — and just enough shea butter to make it to moisturizing. Another great cleanser is Dr. Bonner’s Pure Castle Soap (it’s certified organic), and L’OCCITANE en Provence’s Almond Oil body wash and cream.

After your bath, be sure and put on moisturizer immediately to lock in the benefits. Damp skin soaks up moisturizer much better than dry skin.

Don’t forget to put on your day cream right away too. This way it will soak in before you add your SPF 30 and above and makeup. Be sure to let it dry though.

BeautyCounter and Avon can be purchased from these sales representatives: BeautyCounter, Judy Marcus,; and Avon, Sara Butler,

Keep is sassy, Indianapolis.

Beth Divine, Your Indianapolis Personal Stylist