Indiana Wardrobe Stylist Unveils Hottest Jewelry Trends of 2024

If this long stretch of cloudy days has you wanting to brighten up your wardrobe with a colorful trend or two, your favorite Indiana Wardrobe Stylist has just the thing! Jewelry is a quick way to add a pop of interest to your ensemble that is also budget-friendly and not a huge style commitment.

The latest trends in jewelry are fun and will add interest to these grey days- a little sunshine for your clothing!

Statement Earrings Take Center Stage
In the 80’s, big statement earrings were a focal point, and they’re making a comeback! If you enjoy a little retro fashion, this is a trend that will be easy for you to incorporate into your next shopping trip. Look for bold, simple, and chic designs like oversized gold or silver-toned tear drops, geometric circles, squares, and thick metal hoops. Designers are using these statement earrings this year to add a throwback look that I think you will enjoy. Your fun earrings are sure to spark conversation when you’re out and about as well. Have fun with it!

Layering Necklaces for Effortless Chic
Another interesting way to mix your jewelry this season is to layer on the magic! If you have several necklaces you like, try wearing them together, or shop for a statement necklace that has a bold mix of textures and length. The Boho style works well for this fun twist on your necklace look. Kendra Scott, Ross-Simon, and other companies sell a layer piece–in gold, silver, etc.– that might work well for you and save time. You can connect several necklaces to it at once and then just use one clasp. It also prevents necklaces from tangling. Remember to match your necklaces to the clasp, however.

Here is Ross-Simon’s:

Indiana wardrobe stylist jewelry trend 2024





One thing you’ll want to keep in mind is that your necklace shape works well when you match it to your collar shape. If you’re wearing a V-neck blouse, a long drop necklace with layered necklaces will look perfect. If your dress has a round neck, this is the perfect time to wear a trendy thick metal collar statement necklace! Trying something new is sometimes just what you need to beat the winter gloom.

Bracelets and Bangles: Stack ‘Em Up
Your bracelets can join the trendy fun here this winter, too. Stacking different colors like gold, rose gold, and silver to create a wide bracelet look adds a creative look to your outfit. Stacking wide bangles or choosing one simple wide metal cuff is something you’ll be seeing more of in the fashion world this season. Bracelets are a fun way to try a small but daring new look without changing your entire wardrobe style.

Rings: Dainty to Dramatic
Dainty minimalist bands with small sparkly or simple designs are a perfect way to add interest with rings this winter. Sometimes simple chic is just enough to make you smile until the sun returns to help us all warm up with hope for a fresh spring season around the corner.

One of my personal favorites that I recommend though, is Cocktail rings. Choose a really fun statement piece that accents a color in your outfit. I have a few oversized rings that I love.

If you need help for accessorizing your wardrobe, contact Indiana Wardrobe Stylist, Beth Divine to set up your appointment today!