Just for Guys…Looking Your Best!

Some tips from your Indianapolis AICI Certified Image Consultant

Hello guys! This blog is just for you this week. I have been styling some guys lately and I feel inspired. So I wanted to discuss some of the clothes/issues that I worked through with my recent male clients.

Thoughts and Opinions from your Certified Image Consultant

Men’s Hair Color

For starters…my opinion, as an Image Consultant, on men who color their hair is unique: I say do it in moderation if at all. The reason I say this is because it doesn’t look natural. I call it the “DIY shoe-polish” image. For example, men in their 50s with very dark hair are most likely dying their hair. Not even a hint of grey – 100 percent and does not look natural. What I like is a little bit of grey in men who are older. One of my favorite examples is MSN Morning Joe anchor, Joe Scarborough. Image ConsultantI love the way his hair looks – now is it professionally styled and actually I am not sure if it’s highlighted or just natural. But, nonetheless, I like the way it looks. It’s very sharp. See his online bio here.

Men’s Facial Hair

Now, my consultant thoughts on facial hair. Hmmm, Millennials love it. That’s great for that age. Consider this image: All beards, no matter the age of the man, look better when it’s managed and trimmed. Don’t think a long, burly beard makes you more attractive and manly to all women. It just doesn’t in my opinion. Also, men, as you age, your beard becomes much more grey and even white in some cases. Therefore, as your consultant, I say trim it short. If you don’t, greyish-white beards instantly age you, guys. A lot. A curly, long beard automatically puts you in the “Lumbersexual” category (Coined by my NYC School of Style Class of 2015!). You might as well put on your red-plaid shirt, quilted vest or Carhart. That fits this style. If you want a more cosmopolitan look, a scraggly beard just doesn’t cut it.

That being said, a trimmed, neat beard can be attractive. You can see plenty examples in the following article: 25 Best Hairstyles for Older Men. Here is another article on Beard Grooming Secrets to see what I mean when it comes to grooming.

Hair LengthImage Consultant

Hair length is another surprising opinion I have. Most men, as they age, look much better in shorter, trimmed hair: in 90 percent of men. What happens is men think, “I am so proud of the hair that I have. I will wear it long to show it off.” However, coming from a certified Image Consultant, having short hair is often more attractive for your image.

There are exceptions. Don’t fret if you have the long do. With guys who have thick, slightly wavy hair, sometimes wearing it longer, parted in the middle and shoulder length is very sharp. I even like a man-pony or bun at times. Just keep it groomed, neat and gel to control it. Control is key! Sometimes men with grey hair can even rock this look. It’s a very individual thing. Case to case basis.

Be careful to avoid hair styles that conjure up a certain era; for instance, I recently worked with a man in his early 30s. He had nice hair, very thick with a slight wave. But, his style made me think of 90’s boy bands. Hello Hanson. I suggested he stop styling his hair this way and try a new part in the middle or side.

Image ConsultantGrooming

Saving the best for last – grooming. Just because most guys don’t wear makeup like women do – it doesn’t mean you don’t need skin care. Yes, you do shave, and this exfoliates the face. However, along with your skincare routine, you do need to use a gentle scrub each night and a moisturizer with SPF 30 and above. There are many lines that cater to men: check them out: Aveda, Kiehl’s, Clinique, etc. I recommend department store cosmetics since the cost is not that much more than drug store products.

Look your best, guys! If you need help shopping for some new clothes or give your image a makeover, or to simply figure out what looks better on you, consider my services! You can easily contact me here!


Keep it sassy,

Beth Divine

Indianapolis’s Only AICI Certified Image Consultant and Personal Stylist