Great Hair Styles for Men as Your Hair Changes

As men age, they face some dilemmas. If they are losing their hair – and I know this is tough—they have to think about whether they want to try hair replacement, continue the comb-over cut or just cut their hair very short. My husband started losing his hair at 35, and he just cuts his hair short. I still found him attractive. So men, as your Men’s Stylist, trust me when I say this is normal and I want to help you through it.

Women have plenty of problems, too –they think—with their appearance. So, you’re not alone.

Aging with Your Men’s Stylist

Men's StylistThe second dilemma, for all of us actually, is we age and our hair starts to grey and even turn white. What should we do? For women, we just get our hair colored. I do recommend a few things: if you are a cool brunette, do NOT get caramel or red highlights. This conflicts with your cool, winter-summer coloring and will not flatter you. (Same applies to men who get highlights.)

For men, I like to recommend a “Greying” effect hair style. Instead of dying the hair all one color—which in older men is a tip-off you’re coloring your hair—it’s is natural look with color and some grey.

My hair stylist, who owns Saint Charles International Hair Care, does this technique quite often and calls it “Grey Blending.” He says men come to him and want a little color in their hair. So, he paints some of their natural color back in, and this incorporates some contrast with the existing grey to create more of a youthful, attractive and natural look.

Men’s Stylist Tip: Smart Hair Care

Greg also has some amazing 2-in-1 products which he calls “Smart Hair Care.” His shampoo is also a body wash, and his hair conditioner is a moisturizer. I love both of these men’s products, especially when I travel since I nearly always hate the soap that hotels have. It saves some suitcase space, too.

Men’s Stylist Tip: French Technique Balayage

Another technique many people use as they start to grey hair is the French technique Balayage. Basically, a couple of dimensions of colors are put into hair so it looks sun-kissed or a salt and pepper grey. Ask your stylist about whether this is a good option for you.

With haircuts in men, I also find an interesting trend. When guys aren’t losing their hair –they are thrilled–but they also tend to grow it out long. I understand it – you’re happy you have hair. Show it off! However, some guys actually look older with longer hair—especially wavy—that doesn’t really have a style. Bushy hair is never really flattering!

Men's StylistKey: Find a Good Men’s Hair Stylist

So, find a good stylist to shape your hair and learn to use products designed for your hair. I have referred several clients to the 4:59 Barberlounge in Indianapolis – near the Fashion Mall. The stylists there are especially trained to cut men’s hair. I took a client there and was thrilled with the results. The stylist considered the client’s hair texture, color, age and even his job. That is what a good stylist does!!

Even you are more into the traditional barber (of yesterday) try to find someone who can suggest some products for you.

Keep it sassy.




Beth Divine, AICI CIC  Image Consultant, Personal Stylist, Men’s Stylist