Gift Ideas!

Hello Readers …
Can’t believe Christmas is almost upon us…try not to get too stressed out in finding the perfect gift. I could write a hundred blogs about finding the right gift…but who has time? Anyway, I do like to buy something personalized that will last–such as a monogram necklace or trinket. I love Red Envelope for these type of gifts (

If you buy clothing and you shop in the stores for it, do the “feel” test as my husband does. If it feel rich to you, your loved one will think so, too. If it feels cheap or coarse, pass on the item. Cashmere anything is always a good gift, since it’s something you probably wouldn’t buy for yourself. I love a Cashmere scarf, and there are some pretty ones featured online such as on–there you can search gift ideas by your recipients’ personality. How cool is that? (

If you want to buy the gift of beauty, there are hundreds of makeup and fragrance gifts out there. The holidays are a good time to buy these since you get more product for your bucks! Try, Ulta, Sephora, Macy’s or Nordstrom.

Enjoy, and keep it sassy, Indy.
PS..I really love these hair ties that double as a bracelet. How many times do you need to pull back your hair and don’t have a way to do it!

Beth, Your Indianapolis Fashion Stylist