I Feel So Pretty Inside!

The last four months, my life has been so crazy, juggling two houses: yes, we sold our house; and then moving into a house that is completely—yes, completely—different than our previous house we had lived in for 16 years.

Basically, we moved from a somewhat modern Ranch style house with a huge yard in a quiet, serene setting, to a two-story Cape Cod house with dormers and all the other traditional things that I love. Even our furniture seemed to look as though it did not belong!

Instead of buying all new furniture—which of course, I could not afford to do—I recovered some couches in a bright, fresh color (Citron). I painted a couple of rooms in my signature yellow and the rest in grey.

Let me caution you about using grey: Watch the two extremes. You don’t want a brown-grey that could appear tired and very “taupe” or the blue-grey that looks more soft and feminine that doesn’t always work in a kitchen or living room. It’s perfect for the bedroom, however.

Anyway, today’s topic: I finally had the time to so see a matinee. I will often go with friends, but no one was free, so I went solo. I was the only person in the theatre!! So fun. I was munching on my butter-free popcorn and Diet Coke, and was delighted to see “I Feel Pretty,” Amy Schumer’s new movie https://www.fandango.com/i-feel-pretty-209375/movie-overview. Granted, the movie did not get great reviews. But I always like the way Amy’s stylist dresses her and Amy’s off-beat humor.

I ended up really liking the film, and of course, loved Amy’s wardrobe. Amy plays a frustrated young woman who’s slightly chunky and how she doesn’t fit into the thin, model-saturated world of Manhattan. Somehow, she is under a spell and wants to be beautiful and is for several weeks. She gets a swanky job at the headquarters of the cosmetic company where she works, and her confidence level is at an all-time high. Funny thing is – Amy looks exactly the same as she always has, but her confidence level has soared.

Anyway, I won’t tell any more than that – but the film had a great message. Why do we get caught up into the “right” or “only” way to look pretty?

As an image consultant whose work is nearly always based on client’s perceptions of their looks and my effort to improve that, I had to think: My goal is for my clients to be the best they can be and work with what nature gave them. I think that’s acceptable!

Anyway, Amy’s wardrobe was so fab! The actress is a blue-eyed, golden blonde who’s tall and full-figured yet very pretty! Her stylist dressed her in many fitted blazers in pastels such as pink, pale pink, red, yellow and navy. She sported skirts in navy polka dots, florals and pink tweed. So pretty.

A look I am really seeing now is using colors that are analogous on the color wheel: these are colors that sit next to each other on the wheel in a color family. For instance, red with a pale peach; mauve with a pale pink (this is more monochromatic). Olive with a pale celery green. It’s so fresh looking and pretty.


Have a great weekend, and keep it sassy, Indy …

Beth Divine, AICI Certified Image Consultant
Wardrobe Stylist