Fashion and Beauty Tips that Will Surprise You!

Tips from your Indianapolis Personal Stylist

Indianapolis Fashionistas,
As I write this blog, yes, I do write these myself, I feel the need to give you some tips you probably never thought of. I have learned these during my professional makeup career and in styling individuals, peering into many closets.Any hoo (as my friend Rita used to say), let’s get on with it.

1. Natural and soft eyeliner: Ladies, the prettiest and most natural looking eyeliner may not be found in a $40 YSL pencil. Yes, I am a fan of good makeup and like good eye pencils — Estee, YSL and Makeup Forever. However, one of the best eye pencils, in my opinion, is actually found in an eye shadow palette and a special eyeliner brush–either a small square brush, pictured here, or an angled brush. Dip the brush in water, flick off the excess, dip it into your best color. For me, that’s teal, purple or burgundy. Angle your chin up, and use the brush to apply “liner” right at the lash line. Flick it at the end if you want a little cat eye look. Apply it lighty to lower lashes. It’s a beautiful and natural look. The brush pictured here is the SEPHORA COLLECTION PRO Flat Liner Brush #25.

2. Another good liner for lashes and even eyebrows, in a pinch, is your mascara wand. Use the same angle brush to get a little “product” and lighty line your eyes and even your eyebrows. Be careful not to apply too much.

3. The best blush, hands down, is cream blush. It looks natural and not too concentrated. Put it on the apple of your cheeks. If your skin is oily, put some powder blush on top. Don’t overdo it. Don’t forget to add a little of blush at your brow bone or even a little in your crease. It’s very pretty.

4. More important than the clothes you wear…yes, really…it’s your skin care routine. You can buy Gucci shoes and a Channel jacket and $500 jeans — but if you don’t cleanse, moisturize and treat your skin each day you’re selling yourself short. You can’t take shortcuts, here, ladies.

5. Yes, you need to wear sunblock all year round. Period.

6. Statement necklaces — most of them are reversible. Yes, they are. Try it for a more neutral look.

7. Scarves are fun, yes, but don’t wear them like a prosthetic collar. It looks weird. Stop it, please.

8. You don’t have to match your shoes to our outfit, your purse to your shoes, your top to your skirt. They just have to go. Try it. However, one of my favorite looks is monochromatic — different shades of the same color. It’ easy and nice.

9. You don’t have to add pop of color to your neutrals when you put together outfits. Just make it all neutrals. Add some different texture, metallic or shiny neutral accessories…neutral colors are cream, camel, black, navy, grey, olive, burgundy…

10. One of the best things you can do for your appearance is getting enough sleep, eating nutritious food and exercising. You only get one body. Take care of it. You do have time–make time. Get your family involved, too.

11. Most ladies who ask me to help them have a bad habit of buying a piece of clothing, a good buy, that they bring home and eventually discover there is nothing in their closet to wear with it. Resist the urge to buy pieces. Buy a whole outfit when you shop. You won’t be sorry. Even I have to follow this rule.

Keep it sassy, Indy!

Beth Divine, Indianapolis Personal Stylist