Drum Roll…Pantone Color of the Year!

Image is one of my photo collages  from Polyvore.

Hello Fashionistas, it’s your Indianapolis Personal Stylist and image consultant. You know how much I love color. Case in point: I just painted the living room in my new house bright yellow, and the couches were recovered in Citron (yellow-green). I never regretted it; although people tried to talk me out of it such as the company that recovers my couches. When it was done, however, my sales person said: it’s stunning! That made me feel good.

I have always loved color, and so my favorite part of my training was learning color analysis and color theory. There’s really quite a bit to it, and anyone who’s taken any kind of design classes or is familiar with the Color Wheel and how to use would know.

Anyway, the Pantone Color of the Year: it’s Ultra Violet. https://www.pantone.com/color-of-the-year-2018. I, your Indianapolis Personal Stylist, love this color–it’s one of my favorites, and its different tones are really flattering to everyone–yes, everyone!

Here’s how: If you are pale, fair and have lighter hair, embrace the lighter tone of this color. It will really flatter your delicate complexion and features. Soft color types–medium color skin and lighter blonde or brown hair and light eyes–can seek out the medium version of this, and wear the very light version as an accent color. Case in point: I have an iced lilac dress with some touches of royal blue, white and burgundy. It is a beautiful dress, and I get many compliments on it when I wear it.

If you have very strong coloring, say deep, embrace the darker, more jewel version of this color. If will make your strong features shine.

I also like this color for eye makeup , especially for green and brown eyes. Use it an a liner or a shadow. Surprisingly, plum or this color looks great on blue eyes, too. My only advice when using it is to warm up this eye color with just a little brown so it doesn’t look too neon.

This color is also a beautiful nail color: I have a beige version my manicurist recently used called Sugar Fairy by Ella + Mila. This is a subtle color with just a little lilac in it. So pretty! You will love it.

Don’t be afraid to buy some violent shoes, too. Surprisingly they will go with many things in your wardrobe such as yellow, royal blue, black, rust, green, cream or even grey. Make sure the color is not too bright and leans more near the subtle shade of the color.

Who doesn’t love a purse in Ultraviolet. Again, it can be a great pop of color for your outfit, and who doesn’t need that. Here are some examples in darker and lighter hues in different price points: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/138556126009692255/




I even found–on Amazon–a store that only sells purple items: The Purple Store:

This mini backpack is really cute: https://www.thepurplestore.com/cgi-bin/product_detail.cgi?pstore_id=18749


Of course, touches of purple/lilac jewelry can be a pretty addition to your outfit and can add that pop! If you are a February birthday as I am, you have long loved amethyst. It’s a pretty semi-precious stone, and I love it. Here’s one pretty example:



Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine,
Indianapolis Personal Stylist and  Image Consultant