Color Analysis Indianapolis Service Can Help Nail Your Style!

One of the services I provide is a Color Analysis Indianapolis consultation. I do this for men and women, however, I do enjoy working with men just because there are so many more options for them now beyond the suits of yesterday. Also, for many years now, well beyond COVID, work dress codes eased up making the formal business look not an everyday requirement. For instance, this beautiful photo shows a purple flower. The spring season has many bright colors that people in this group can really rock! (Photo by Irina Iriser)

Yet, while change is inevitable and we have to embrace it, we make the decisions every day in our lives that impact our image and how others see us. I am guilty of it as well. sometimes, after I have worked out and then have a coffee meeting with someone in our neighborhood, I wear my workout clothes. Granted, I have showered, put on makeup, and styled my hair to some point, but I am not in my usual outfit that I have put some thought into. I think this is okay at times. We can’t be too hard on ourselves, or we just want to give up. Am I right?

With men, and women also to a point, we have embraced the more casual wardrobe. It is the way we live our lives now and the trend was happening long before COVID, although we were more aware of it during that time and now,

But, because life never stands still, I am finding now that clients are being asked to go back to the office–in some type of hybrid arrangement such as three to four days a week. The rest they work in their home office. But I am finding working 100 percent at home is not the dominant situation anymore.

In planning to go back to work and look presentable in a way that promotes your best self and image, here are some of my tips:

  • Above all, remember: You are a walking billboard about you. What are you saying? “I don’t care?” “I care a little bit?” “I can work workout wear all the time, and that’s what I like?” “I am better than you because my designer sneakers cost $5,000?” Anyway, these are a little extreme and meant to be funny, but know this: How you present yourself says volumes about who you are.
  • Consider first your winter coat that you are wearing to the office. While to many this may seem “backward” consider this: What do people first see when you walk into the rooms during winter weather? Your coat. It should not be dirty, worn out, ill-fitting, a strange color, obviously athleisure, etc. Think about adding a classic coat in a peacoat, styled puffer that fits you well, and for spring weather consider a leather jacket (doesn’t have to be a black motorcycle one); trench coat (I like the shorter ones for a modern touch); or a bomber jacket. These coats will easily add some polish to your outfit. t w
  • Second, if your dress code allows jeans, make sure you have a current pair (dark denim) in a silhouette that flatters your build. In my style appointment with men, I go through builds and the best shapes for you. For instance, if you are a big, muscular guy with large shoulders but a slim lower half, pass up the extremely straight and skinny jeans. They will look off balance.

Next week, look here for another style blog just for men. Before then, reach out to see how we can work together to up your style game and schedule a Color Analysis Indianapolis appointment.

Keep it Sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA, AICI-CIC

Personal Image Consultant