Hate Shopping but Have a Job Interview?

Mens Wardrobe Consulting is a speciality of Beth Divine Style

As an Indianapolis Wardrobe Stylist, I hear many times that people across the board hate to shop for clothes. There are many reasons why: Time-Consuming: Shopping can be a lengthy process, especially if one has to visit multiple stores to find what they’re looking for. Decision Fatigue: Making multiple decisions about what to buy can […]

How to Look Polished at Work!

Beth Divine Specializes in Men's Styling Consulting

The days of COVID are behind us, and professionals are starting to dress up again. Here are some tips from your Indiana Wardrobe Stylist to make your wardrobe the best ever. Your Indiana Wardrobe Stylist Suggestions on Work Attire Invest in Quality Basics: Encourage your audience to invest in high-quality foundational pieces like tailored suits, […]