Looking Great on Your Big Day!

Wedding season is certainly here! Believe it or not, next to June, September and October have become hot wedding times. If you work in the wedding business, you are probably already booking appointments, looking at current trends, and helping clients shop for dresses. Consider working with me as your pick your dresses, colors sand makeup […]

Interesting Moments in Makeup and Skin Care

I have been an Indiana Image Consultant for about 7 years now, even though I started two years before doing commercial and bridal makeup. I thought you’d enjoy reading about some of my experiences with makeup and styling clients, men and women, and some of the most basic principles I like to cover, early in the […]

Common Mistakes Women Make…

Hello Indianapolis Fashionistas, I hope you are easing into the holidays and not getting too stressed out. If you do, take a minute, take a keep breath, enjoy a cup of tea or hot cocoa. Rest. Watch a Christmas movie. (Repeat if you can!) Anyway, this blog is one I do from time to time […]

The Latest Across the Pond and Beyond

A couple of my friends went to Europe before we did this fall, and I begged them to notice the latest fashions and trends over there, since we all know…fashion starts there and comes here 6 months to a year later. One friend told me she saw Converse tennis shoes everywhere…not the white or the […]