Style to Spend Your Money On

What’s worth spending money on…this was a very interesting discussion on Reddit. As a Carmel Personal Stylist, I have been reading some posts on that site, and it’s an interesting medium. I was really curious to see what the readers said because I feel overall as a society we are just buying on the cheap […]

AICI Conference in Chicago

Hello everyone. This blog is a bit of a departure — I want to share blogs that relate to real life, and right now, beyond working with clients, a chunk of what I am doing is being president of our Association of Image Consultants International Chicago Midwest Chapter and helping to create and promote our […]

From Your Image Consultant: Do You Have Your 16 Points?

The next two blogs from your favorite Image Consultant are about issues we all deal with as humans: grooming and your image surrounding that. I know it’s strange that I compare us to our two cats. Stay with me. Our big, fluffy Maine Coon loves to groom himself. He loves to clean his long, thick […]

The Little White Dress

Summer is flying by…but it’s not too late to wear the little “white” dress when the temps rise and the sun shines. I bought a little eyelet shift dress from Gap earlier this summer and I love wearing it with a Panama hat and little delicate sandals. There are so many pretty dresses out in white, […]