Color Analysis Indianapolis Service Can Help Nail Your Style!

Carmel Wardrobe Stylist helps you look your best

One of the services I provide is a Color Analysis Indianapolis consultation. I do this for men and women, however, I do enjoy working with men just because there are so many more options for them now beyond the suits of yesterday. Also, for many years now, well beyond COVID, work dress codes eased up […]

Indiana Wardrobe Stylist Warns of Wardrobe Mistakes to Avoid!

As an Indiana Wardrobe Stylist, I have seen it all when it comes to closets and fashion. When my clients ask me for help the closet is usually where we start. Here are some common wardrobe/style mistakes we all make and how to avoid them… A closet full of clothes we don’t wear or like. Sounds […]

Indiana Wardrobe Stylist Says ‘Put the Life Back in Your Closet!’

Indiana Wardrobe Stylist helps client find her style

In one of my image consulting trainings with a veteran Indiana Wardrobe Stylist, she said you can see what stage of life a client is in by what is in her closet. She said… maybe someone is hanging on to his/her 20s, 30s or before that. Maybe the person is not retired but still has […]

Indiana Wardrobe Stylist Unveils Hottest Jewelry Trends of 2024

If this long stretch of cloudy days has you wanting to brighten up your wardrobe with a colorful trend or two, your favorite Indiana Wardrobe Stylist has just the thing! Jewelry is a quick way to add a pop of interest to your ensemble that is also budget-friendly and not a huge style commitment. The latest […]

Carmel Personal Stylist Says “Wearing Wigs is Now Cool!”

Did you know that wigs and hair extensions are becoming more mainstream–even a fashion trend? I didn’t think about wigs often until one of my Carmel Personal Stylist clients educated me about them. She was relatively young and wore her hair very short. I asked her, “Why don’t you grow your hair out or style it more?” […]

Carmel Personal Stylist Helps Make Your Winter Wardrobe Shine

Ladies and gentlemen… meet the “winter blahs.” It’s late January; the glow of the holidays and vacation time is long over. In Indiana, it might be snowy, cold, or even rainy. Grayness is an everyday reality. And our wardrobes–many of us may be tired of what we are wearing as well. What should we do? […]

Indiana Wardrobe Stylist Says to Break the Rules: Part 2

Hello there! As we enter into the new year, there are some rules about fashion that I think are outdated and should be broken. I am an Indiana Wardrobe Stylist and I believe that your style should tell people about you. For example, do you like looking professional while being comfortable? Then you should check […]

Indianapolis Wardrobe Stylist Says “Break the Rules”

Hello all! As the new year approaches, there are a few rules that as an Indianapolis Wardrobe Stylist I think we can leave in the past. These rules can range from the types of blazers you wear to the patterns on your shirt. If you aren’t sure where to start, here are a few fashion rules […]

Black Bridesmaid and MOB Dresses? Just say no!

Many of you are already knee deep into planning for your summer and fall weddings! And, it is certainly not too soon! As a former wedding makeup artist, and a current Carmel Wardrobe stylist,  (I did the beautiful airbrush makeup), I know a thing or two about weddings and specifically style. I have been married […]

Throughout the Year…Shopping Services for You!

If you are someone who loves the holidays, but you don’t love shopping or gift-giving, your favorite Image Consultant Beth Divine has some great options for you! My Indianapolis Personal Shopper options might be exactly what you need, no gift wrap required! Make Shopping Easy With Help From an Indianapolis Personal Shopper In the past, I have […]