Going inside the closet with a fashion expert

Indianapolis fashion stylist Beth Divine offered a variety of wardrobe
tips when she presented a program to the summer meeting of the New
Castle-Henry County Chapter of Women in Business Unlimited which is open
to any woman and meets quarterly in the Henry County REMC Building.

Beth said dressing for today’s workplace is complicated with an assortment
of rules or no rules about how to dress and what to wear. In her work as a
fashion stylist and wardrobe expert, the top question she gets is: How can
I put an outfit together?

To answer that, she suggests meeting with a client and looking inside the
woman’s closet. Often, she finds that the closet and the client don’t match.

“Closets have a lot of stories,” she says. One issue some clients have is
that their mothers dressed them growing up so they aren’t sure what their
style is.

Beth mentions several general ways people dress for work:

  • Photo by Donna Cronk
    Beth Divine, owner of Beth Divine Style, shows a classic shirt-waist style dress as a flattering option for some figures.

    Formally in traditional business wear. Think skirt and white blouse.

  • Business wear, in blazers and dresses.
  • Business casual in khakis, button-down blouses.
  • Casual, meaning jeans and tops.
  • Leisure, wearing yoga pants and athletic-type clothing.

Divine offers some tips.

  • Do not buy pieces you have nothing to go with. She tells a story of a
    colorful jacket she bought only to find there was nothing in her wardrobe
    to match and she ended up getting rid of it.
  • Do buy clothes in outfits: pants, top, jacket, dress, extra pants.
  • Know the right colors that look good on us.
    • Have a color analysis done to tell you if you should wear cool or warm colors and of those, if they should be muted or bright.
  • Figure out your basic shape. Hourglass figure with perfect proportions?
    • Round? Rectangle, triangle or inverted triangle? Those with round figure should consider open necks and shorter hemlines to show off legs; hourglass should go for fitted clothes that show the waist but are not too revealing. For rectangle shapes, add curves with clothing and details such as stripes. Show off a slim shape with fitted clothes and if slender, consider belts.
    • For triangle shapes, balance a smaller top with details such as ruffles, stripes, wear dark clothes and simple lines on the bottom. For inverted triangle shapes, wear simple lines on top and widen the bottom with flared skirts or full pants.
    • For plus, tall and petites, there are more challenges, she says. “Many stores are offering these additional sizes online,” recommends Divine.

“Once you know what size works, you can order online with ease.”

  • Photo by Donna Cronk
    Miranda Spencer, left, is finding out what colors look best on her from Beth Divine who spoke on Putting Together a Great Work Outfit at the June meeting of the Women in Business Unlimited meeting at the REMC Building.

    Lighter colors show more than dark ones.

  • Buy jeans to fit tight due to the way fabrics expand today.
  • Find someone who does alterations.
  • Stock a wardrobe with good neutrals and then add some color that’s good for you.
  • Bigger accessories look good on bigger people.
  • If you know the shape of your face, repeat that shape in glass frames and earrings.

She says if you know your best colors and shape and coordinate a whole
outfit, “It’ll be such a breeze to get up in the morning and dress.”

She says if you aren’t sure about something in your closet, put it in
another closet and if you don’t miss it and get it out after a while, get
rid of it.

“Don’t get caught up in what’s in,” says Divine. “You pick the trends you
can wear.”

Connect with Divine at beth@bethdivinestyle.comwww.bethdivestyle.com;
Facebook.com/Lookdivine and Instagram: bethdivinestyle.
Article Published in New Castle Indiana
Courier-Times / by Donna Cronk.