How Much Skin Should You Show at Work …

Personal Shopping For Men From Beth Divine

You have probably not thought about this idea. Has much skin should you show at work? Probably, way back when there were rules about this. Now, post-pandemic with our more […]

Men: Continued…Style Rules to Break…

Match your socks to your jeans or trousers. There is a time and a place for most things in fashion, including matching your socks to your trousers. Sometimes understated is […]

Style Rules You May Break, Men!

Indiana Wardrobe Stylist

If you aren’t sure where to start, here are my top five fashion rules to break now. Do not mix patterns – How preposterous. This rule was doomed from the […]

Building a Wardrobe

Every once in a while I have a new client, like the one I met this week, tell me two things that are music to my ears, “I don’t have […]

Travel Advice You’ll Use!

Hello Fashionistas! Your Indiana Wardrobe Stylist just returned from a whirlwind trip – first to Dubai (in the United Arab Emirates) and then to London. What a trip it was! […]

More Common Issues with Shopping…

As an Indiana Image Consultant, another very common shopping issue I see right now is the fault of COVID and the continuing broken supply chain. What happens is people go […]

Why Shopping is Hard Right Now!

As an Indiana Image Consultant, some of my business is personal shopping – this occurs after the color analysis, style analysis, shape analysis, and wardrobe evaluation that often involves a […]

Spring and Summer Trends, Ladies!

There are many new trends out there, and my advice to my clients is  – to try what makes sense to you, considering your style and shape — and lifestyle! […]