Shoes that complement your legs…

Have you ever considered the shoes you pick are just as important as the clothing you wear–they either complement your shape or they don’t. I have to laugh, I never […]

Holiday Dazzle

I’d be remiss if I didn’t visit the idea of what to wear to holiday parties and festivities. Of course, to the office holiday party, my rule is always … […]

Unique Ideas for Christmas Shopping!

Black Friday — one of the busiest shopping days of the year — is coming up. So I might as well jump on the band wagon and give you some […]

Pretty Coats!

Never underestimate the power of a coat that complements you and fits you well! I have always been a coat fan. I have many, and they can dress up anything […]

The New Flannel Shirt!

If you’re like me, you think…why would I consider the flannel shirt a mainstay of my wardrobe. Yesterday’s flannel shirts were big, loud plaids you might have worn to a […]

The Latest Across the Pond and Beyond

A couple of my friends went to Europe before we did this fall, and I begged them to notice the latest fashions and trends over there, since we all know…fashion […]

What I’m Loving Now…

It’s fall, and for me that is a difficult time of year! It’s getting cooler, but it’s still not cold enough to wear a winter coat. I have a few […]

Travel Must Haves!

I recently came back from a long trip … to Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Berlin, Germany. It had been two years since our last long trip, and this time I decided […]

What investment for the fall?

I was reading one of Glamour’s fashion blogs the other day, and I read something I thought was great: So I am borrowing the idea. A reader had asked, what […]

What is your Web Strategy?

With clothes shopping, the Internet has changed the equation in many ways. For one, it’s now possible if your store is out of your size and color, you or the […]