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Men: How to Look Fantastic on a Date: Part I

This blog is an interview with Edwards Buice, one of my Association of Image Consultant International Chicago Midwest Chapter colleagues! Edwards is founder and creative director for a clothing line called David Edwards Clothier -- go to his website to look up his sassy clothes: that have subtle (a) pattern Baker floral or a Paul Smith color block tie From His Collection This photo (to the right) illustrates a date look from the Jaime Hemsani Summer Collection, modeled by Cory Emberton. Today, with so many trends in menswear, selecting the right image for a date can be complex.  Below is some consultant advice Edwards provides to his clients, starting with an image from the top down to the shoes. Image Consultant Advice for Date Night One of the first pieces of advice he gives in dressing for a date is to follow the advice of Hardies Armies, "A man should look as if he had bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care and then forgotten all about them."  The first step of organizing a date look is to ensure the following: Clothes fit well Clothes are expertly tailored Clothes are clean and pressed Clothes have the correct look for the social setting (casual/business casual/formal) Edward's first step in organizing an image is selecting a jacket; he recommends wearing jackets because he believes it gives an ensemble a finished look.  Additionally, he thinks a jacket is an excellent accent piece.  "However, I would not advise wearing a jacket if it’s is a very causal occasion (pub, picnic, coffee shop, etc.)," said Edwards. "I advise wearing a jacket that is going to communicate to your date I am a confident man in personal and professional settings." If the client [...]

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The Wrap Dress is Back in a Big Way!

With today's ever-changing fashion trends, it is unlikely to see a style that will stay current for longer than a season. Take it from your Personal Stylist. It almost seems that within fast fashion you need to buy a whole new personal wardrobe twice a year, just to look up to date. It is extremely rare for a silhouette to stand the test of time, especially in today’s contemporary world. However, every now and then there are iconic stylist pieces that truly stand the test of time. For example, a leather jacket, or a white blouse always seem to be in style. But perhaps, a specifically iconic piece for women would be the wrap dress. ​It's nearly impossible to deny the wrap dress' icon status. In the past 40 years, it has ​become a staple in nearly every woman's wardrobe. From Your Personal Stylist, The Wrap Dress is Universal The beauty of it is virtually all women can wear some form of this pretty dress! The wrap dress originated in Belgium by the now infamous fashion designer and stylist--Diane von Furstenberg. In 1974, the designer created the wrap dress. It became a symbol for women to establish their power yet feel feminine at the same time. The dress is extremely flattering on all personal body silhouettes. As well as the fact that it is versatile, easy to wear, and stylish. Von Furstenberg’s version was a collared, long-sleeved shirt-dress that wrapped around the waist. The design complemented a woman's personal curves, while at the same time hid any undesirable bulge. In the 70’s, the dress was made with a printed jersey that hugged the body, a V-neck, and a sash that tied at the waist​. Due [...]

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How to Encourage Creativity and Style in Your Children From Your Personal Stylist

Growing up,  I was a fiercely independent child, and there was no exception to this when it came to what I wore. I was my own stylist. I absolutely hated when my mom picked out my outfits, or told me I couldn't wear something because I was my own Personal Stylist and didn't need her help. However, I now realize my personal fashion choices where questionable to say the least, but at the time I thought I knew what was best stylist out of all of my friends. Although, despite what I thought what was best my mom made sure I still looked presentable. She always said to me “I will never let you leave the house looking like an idiot.” Ten-year-old me brushed this off and took it a little personal, but I now realize that this was actually a great thing. Be Your Child's Personal Stylist When I look back at old pictures, I never cringe at what I’m wearing. There were no head to toe personal Justice outfits, crazy mismatched tops and bottoms, and thankfully she prevented me from getting side bangs (this was quite the thing to do for elementary school girls at the time). Ultimately, though, being a stylist to a child can be a very very difficult thing. And developing style for your child is a whole other challenge. Here are some tips and tricks on how to be a Personal Stylist for your child. (Pictured here I am wearing some of my personal favorite colors going to school!) Stylist Tip: Provide Choices Most children want completely autonomy when  picking out their outfits. So when you can make sure to let them have a say. "Give your child lots [...]

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From Your Men’s Stylist: Your 16 Points and You’re Ready for Your Day

Okay, men, I am talking to you! (a little Robert De Nero). I just did a blog about women's grooming. Now it's your turn. As your Men's Stylist, it is my duty. A couple of years ago, someone coined the word, Metrosexual. It refers to men who aren't afraid to spend some time on their hair, a manicure, a more fashion forward look in men's fashion. I think it was a slam to men. Why create a category that might be seen as sissy and ultra-feminine. Grooming is Key I'd like for all to pay attention to their men's grooming. Guys have it easier than women -- yeah they do. You don't have to dot on mascara and worry that your hair is standing on end. You don't worry as much about what you wear each day as we do and don't have near as many body issues as we do. But, if you do shave, it's something you do every day. I am sure that gets old. So you have my sympathy there. Maybe that's why so many men have beards now. It's certainly a trend that seems here to stay. I am not going to discuss beards -- I like them more trimmed. And, as I have said before a long beard with white/grey hair ages you. Just know that, and if you don't care then own it! Skin Care Routine Beyond shaving, men, you need to have some men's skin care routine. You need to scrub a couple of times a week (I like Clinique's 7-day Scrub) to rid your skin of dead skin. If you have breakouts put a department store level skin care product or I used to use Proactive. [...]

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From Your Image Consultant: Do You Have Your 16 Points?

The next two blogs from your favorite Image Consultant are about issues we all deal with as humans: grooming and your image surrounding that. I know it's strange that I compare us to our two cats. Stay with me. Our big, fluffy Maine Coon loves to groom himself. He loves to clean his long, thick hair and asks to be brushed at least three times a day. He probably feels better afterwards. Our other kitty, Nellie, who is a domestic long haired kitty has very long grey hair as well. Her hair is more stringy and tends to pick up dust, etc. Nellie does not love to be groomed by us and sometimes doesn't groom herself. An Image Consultant Points for Grooming People can be the same way in their grooming and thus their image. I fall somewhere in the middle of all this. While I am not a natural style -- ladies who shun makeup and jewelry, etc. -- I have never really been a high maintenance woman either. Ever since I cut my super long locks in my senior year of high school and opted for a short, curly cap of hair, I have not sought to spend hours getting ready in the morning for the perfect image. I am lucky in that I have naturally curly hair, and when I have a great hair cut I can use a little product and go! Early in my Image Consultant training my teacher showed me her consultant favorite 16-Point Test commonly used by stylists to show their clients some ways they can have a put together image and perfectly groomed. Basically, you get a point for each of these things: Did you do your [...]

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Great Hair Styles for Men as Your Hair Changes

As men age, they face some dilemmas. If they are losing their hair – and I know this is tough—they have to think about whether they want to try hair replacement, continue the comb-over cut or just cut their hair very short. My husband started losing his hair at 35, and he just cuts his hair short. I still found him attractive. So men, as your Men's Stylist, trust me when I say this is normal and I want to help you through it. Women have plenty of problems, too –they think—with their appearance. So, you’re not alone. Aging with Your Men's Stylist The second dilemma, for all of us actually, is we age and our hair starts to grey and even turn white. What should we do? For women, we just get our hair colored. I do recommend a few things: if you are a cool brunette, do NOT get caramel or red highlights. This conflicts with your cool, winter-summer coloring and will not flatter you. (Same applies to men who get highlights.) For men, I like to recommend a “Greying” effect hair style. Instead of dying the hair all one color—which in older men is a tip-off you’re coloring your hair—it’s is natural look with color and some grey. My hair stylist, who owns Saint Charles International Hair Care, does this technique quite often and calls it “Grey Blending.” He says men come to him and want a little color in their hair. So, he paints some of their natural color back in, and this incorporates some contrast with the existing grey to create more of a youthful, attractive and natural look. Men's Stylist Tip: Smart Hair Care Greg also has some amazing [...]

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School Drop-Off Looks By Your Image Consultant

As I was scrolling through Facebook, this article caught my eye: a principal in Houston created a dress code for parents -- she did not like the appearance of parents as they dropped their children off to school. So she created a dress code just for them. As your Indianapolis Image Consultant, I feel compelled to share!Read it here. The Good, The Bad, The... Not Going to Happen? At first I read it and chuckled. This news will not go over well with parents -- some have trouble getting started in the morning and are focused on getting their children up and ready for school and not their own image. Perhaps their image and appearance is the last thing on their mind. I don't do the school routine, so I can't say I've been there. But as a consultant, however, struggle with sometimes being on time and looking in my best image. It's difficult for all of us. As an Image Consultant, I have to admire this school principal. She was sending a message to parents -- that they are the image role models for their how their children learn to dress. This is so true. As a consultant, I have had the conversation with clients who were never taught how to keep  up their appearance and even buy clothes that look good on them or that flatter them. This attitude of being lost in a store follows them into adulthood. Eventually, they meet me and tell me these feelings and thoughts. Drop Off Looks From Your Image Consultant Anyway, this blog will look at some easy, attractive "School Drop Off" looks for men and women. Since I live near two elementary schools, I know [...]

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How to Have Amazing Headshots!

As your Image Consultant, I was trying to look professional here—hence the jacket and shell-but also someone who knows color and how to use it. Coral (pink-melon color on the left is one of my best colors—and it complements my warm, rosy beige skin tone.) This wall was actually in the area I chose for the head shots. It is on the Monon trail near our house. Image Consultant Advice: Headshots Many times, I am asked to work with new and seasoned professionals on brand image and headshots. Most of the time, the photos are to position them a certain way or an extra nudge to make a promotion a sure thing. Or, someone is wanting to leave a job, start a whole new career, and the headshots are requested by a headhunter. Or, you are a new entrepreneur and you want to establish an image and online presence. For those who work in a field now and want to start establishing an image that will bring a promotion, as your Image Consultant, I urge you to think about this: How do others already at the level I am aspiring to go dress. Is it formal, business casual or even casual? Breaking It Down with Your Image Consultant Here’s a review of what the different image classifications really means: Formal business: This goes back to the Mad Men era. For men, it’s a dark navy or charcoal grey suit image; white shirt and plain tie. Black Oxford shoes – always. For women, it’s a dark navy or dark grey skirt suit, and a white blouse. Possibly a bow tie. (Think Brooks Brothers.) Business casual: This look actually is the first diversion from the dark business [...]

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Control Your Personal Brand!

Everything we do shapes our personal brand, no matter what your station in life is: professional, CEO, entrepreneur, stay at home mom and dad…With social media life has changed. I recently gave a talk about how your personal brand shapes how others see you. This basically comes down to your social media. If you don’t’ make your posts private and you have a web site – you’re out there. Everything you post, write, take pictures of says something about you. It’s even more true for your teenagers who have their whole lives in front of them. You probably hope and pray they won’t post something stupid or strange – that is somewhere on the Cloud for years to come. So, what does that mean for you? While I could take this discussion several directions, I am going to concentrate on what to think about if you are a professional who works for someone else or who has a business – long term or now.   Think twice about what you post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. While President Trump isn’t exactly a role model I’d like to focus on, he is someone who tweets quite a bit. What he tweets might make you smile or infuriate you, but it’s an example of communication that reinforces who he is. He likes to think he’s a maverick and unafraid of what his communication says or how it’s perceived. We would agree – he does live up to that. If I were in the corporate setting now –I worked in it for nearly 25 years—I would make my Facebook posts private. I would not want people from work to be “friends” with me. I think it’s too [...]

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Try Some Unusual Color Combos for Spring!

If you find yourself in a style rut, it can be tempting to continuously wear all black outfits day after day. But honestly, shouldn’t fashion be more fun than that? Instead of overhauling your entire look, why not try one of these unexpected color combinations instead? Periwinkle + Burgundy Periwinkle is a classic spring shade, but did you know it looks great paired next to burgundy? The light and dark shades contrast and create a perfect outfit formula. In the spring, let periwinkle be the base of the outfit and pair with burgundy accents, and vice versa once winter hits. Hot pink + Bright green I think this color combo screams summer! A super bright pink only gets better when paired with an color just as loud, such as a neon green. These colors speak for themselves so keep the outfit simple. A bright green t shirt and pink cardigan will do just the trick! Green + Yellow Nothing screams spring quite like green grass and sunlight, so why can’t your outfit scream spring too? There are so many different variations of green and yellow, so you will definitely be able to find a shade that looks best on you. If you tend to be warm toned, mustard and army green will be right up your alley. If you’re cool toned, don’t shy away from color, you can rock bright shades of yellow and green. In order to work this color combo try partnering a bright yellow turtleneck with a kelly green blazer and dark jeans for an very sophisticated look. Although, if you tend to be more minimalistic try a green statement necklace and a yellow clutch for a pop. Cobalt Blue + Turquoise [...]

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