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What is Your Style, and How Important is it?

As a personal stylist and Image Consultant, many clients ask me: "what is my style?" I don’t think I know it. They often appear confused and sad they don’t know this supposedly important key to their life. I think this attitude often appears because of the vast amount of press and blogs by stylists who talk about this subject. Is it important to know your style? Yes, of course, it is. Is it the only, most important factor to know in helping clients create a wardrobe that works for them and their lifestyle? I would say “no.” Let's define what "style" means. Style is what clothing and looks you prefer as a person. It goes beyond just clothing but it can also touche on lifestyle and grooming. It is "fun" to know your style and then how to make it work in the life you lead. In this blog, I will define the most common styles for women. And if you're still unsure which style you fit into, we got a little quiz to help as well! Most Popular Styles For Women Classic: Individuals that like a classic style tend to lean towards a more tailored look. Clothing that would last for years and look professional. Classic is neutral and not attention-getting. A person who favors a class style can spice it up a little with a more fashion-forward top such as a halter or asymmetrical neckline. Most of the time, they like straight lines with prints that are not too out of the ordinary. Someone in this group might be hesitant to try a trendy new look, or an unusual color or print. I am also going to put those who love Menswear into this [...]

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Avoiding the Little Pitfalls that Diminish Your Look!

This blog is one of those blogs that sheds light on the little things we see every day or that impact how we look. Take it from your Personal Stylist, these corrections don't cost a lot to fix. You'll have to take time and attention to fix them, but in the end, your overall look will improve. I'll be sure to share tips for both men and women. Simple Fashion Fixes That Make A Big Difference Tip 1: Avoid Clothing That Is Too Tight Sometimes we think tight clothing is sexy or attention-getting. While it may not be sexy; it certainly is attracting attention. For guys: if your pants are so tight they show all of your "plumbing," (and you know what I mean) they are too tight. Even if your clothing is just a little tight, that might be too much. Ladies, if you can see the outline of your stomach, thighs, or breast outlines, your outfit is too tight. You find this commonly in tight dresses. If you wear pencil skirts, stand to the side. If you can see the complete curve of your behind, then the skirt is too tight. Watch white pants as well. If they show too much butt, it's not a good look. Neither are pants that are so tight they show your cheeks. Tip 2: Make Sure Everything Fits Just Right Just as tight clothes can be unflattering, the same goes for clothes that are too large. When clothing just hangs on you, guess what: you look larger. It might give the impression that you don't care how you look. If you are actively losing weight, invest in some new clothes, or get old ones tailored. But show off [...]

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Wearing Accessories Well!

Many of us don't really give accessories a second thought. Before I had style and image consulting training, I really didn't think about it.  I seemed to like more delicate jewelry and pieces, and that was a good thing: My silhouette really dictates I wear more delicate and smaller pieces. So it wasn't a leap to suddenly give accessories more emphasis. Just for starters, you should wear jewelry, scarves and other accessories to scale. What does that mean exactly? All of us, including men, have a scale to our silhouette: Petite, shorter; medium, medium height to taller/grand. What you wear should align with this. Scale also refers to the type/size of prints you wear in your clothing and even the size of your bag. For instance, a really petite person -- say 5'2' --can really look silly carrying a huge bag. It totally overwhelms the look. Same thing with really large hats or jewelry with smaller folks - it's all you see. On the other side of the coin, when an extremely tall or muscular person wears a very tiny, floral print it looks strange on them -- as if they are dressing like a child would. Medium sized people can wear prints/ accessories in the middle -- not too large but not too small. The best way to see this is to really look in the mirror when you are buying accessories -- or if you order them online look in a full size mirror to really see the effect of the additional piece. If it blends in, that's good; if it totally stands out and that is all you see - don't wear it. You can see here the different sizes of women's [...]

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How Social Media Can Help — or Hurt — Your Image

Making Your Social Profile Work For You!   Everything we do shapes our personal brand, no matter what your station in life is: professional, CEO, entrepreneur, stay at home mom and dad…With social media life has changed.   I recently gave a talk about how your personal brand shapes how others see you. This basically comes down to your social media. If you don’t’ make your posts private and you have a web site – you’re out there. Everything you post, write, take pictures of says something about you. It’s even more true for your teenagers who have their whole lives in front of them. You probably hope and pray they won’t post something stupid or strange – that is somewhere on the Cloud for years to come.   So, what does that mean for you? While I could take this discussion several directions, I am going to concentrate on what to think about if you are a professional who works for someone else or who has a business – long term or now.   Think twice about what you post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Know that what you post can be seen by a future employer or client. Is it flattering to you? Does it put you in a bad light?   If I were in the corporate setting now –I worked in it for nearly 25 years—I would make my Facebook posts private. I would not want people from work to be “friends” with me. I think it’s too risky. Then I feel I could be freer to voice political opinions, etc. But beware – you always need to be careful what you post.   Second, keep your business and social [...]

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Subscription Boxes: Yes or No?

Yes, everyone, there was a time when I used some subscription services. Even as an Image Consultant I believe that some are better than others, and they each have their pros and cons.  It's been a few years, but if you're considering signing up for a personal styling subscription, my experiences might be enlightening. Clothing Subscription Boxes Two-or-three years ago, I tried Stitch Fix. What I liked about the service is that sometimes they sent me some very different merchandise. We all love that, I admit. A big part of what I do as a stylist is to encourage clients to get out of their comfort zone. This is why I pre-shop for them first, based on what I think they need and would like. Then clients meet me. What I noticed immediately is that their survey did not even address many things that are essential to style and fit. They did not base any clothing selections on my best colors. I have heard Stitch Fix now offers some sizes and more variety. Remember, their process is that your clothing choices are figures by an algorithm, not a person. Second, I don't think Stitch Fix considers your shape. This is a key factor you have to learn about as an Image Consultant. Certain shapes and colors flatter you; others do not and even make you look worse. Customers are asked to post favorite clothing on Pinterest boards. Case in point: I am a classic pear shape. Although my shape is really more petite, even though I am 5'4". Stitch Fix sent me some very tight-fitting, tapered black knit slacks. Needless to say, they looked terrible. They also sent me a very bright white tailored button-down to wear with [...]

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Guys: The Basics You Need in Your Wardrobe

The fashion basics you need applies to men as well as women. We have stepped far away from wearing suits to work these days. Many companies have adopted a much more relaxed dress code. Men, if you find yourself unsure about what is appropriate to wear to work anymore, you're not alone. Today in the blog, I am going to talk about some basic types of clothing Beth Divine Style recommends for my Indianapolis Men's Styling clients. Indianapolis Men's Styling Basic Essentials Although the workforce is adopting a more casual dress for men, some men still need to wear suits for work. I am not going to go into great detail here because if you still wear suits, shirts, ties, etc., you know what they look like. Suits in charcoal, navy or grey are still the norm. Formal business dress is white shirts, suits, a somber tie in grey, navy, black understated print. Conservative business adds a few details such as a colored shirt, a more colorful tie, and a fun pocket square or socks. The descriptions from there for business casual vary from company to company. For when you're not in the office, throw out your old sweat pants and check out the newest in athleisure fashion.  To look put together, pick a color family and stick with it. You can still look good while being comfortable when you coordinate your relaxed looks together. Try black track pants, with a white or grey tee, and a hoodie in similar colors over it. White sneakers or black and red sneakers add a little punch. Bottoms Dark rinse jeans are a must-have. Buy good quality jeans that fit you perfectly. You might have to try on quite [...]

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A New Lesson Plan for this Teacher

If you've ever wondered how a personal styling will go, here is a case study for you. Amanda contacted me for a style makeover. She said, “I have a lot of clothes, but I can’t seem to consistently put together outfits.” Intrigued, we arranged to meet at my home office and do a style/shape/color analysis, and then look at some of her favorite outfits. Making an appointment with an Indianapolis Image Consultant isn't a harsh critique of your body type or dumping out your closet. You know what you like. My goal is to give you more options so you feel confident in everything you wear. Cool For Teacher When Amanda walked in, it was clear to me: She had very cool coloring. From her brown hair, bright, blue-grey eyes to her fair, milky complexion. I liked her black and grey outfit—two neutral colors that were perfect for her. Her color analysis was pretty straight forward. Amanda has a “Cool,” color pallet. She looks better in clear cool colors such as black, grey, bright pink, purple, hunter green. Her best white was a bright white. Certainly not cream or earth tones such as rust, orange or warm yellow. First, I changed her lipstick from a rusty burgundy to bright fuchsia. Her wardrobe was pretty easy in that I saw many of her good colors, but she also had some rust, beige and cream neutrals These colors did not flatter her but rather, made her look older and tired. As an Indianapolis Image Consultant, I believed some of Amanda’s challenge with her wardrobe was her hair color. She has brown hair, but she added some warm, copper highlights to it. This is a common effect many stylists [...]

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The Basics You Need to Make a Wardrobe Work: Women

Hello, fashionistas! I am going to join the long list of Indianapolis Women's Styling experts who recommend some basics you need. Basics are the pieces that are the foundation of your wardrobe. So - don't be afraid to buy quality clothing at a higher price. Pure fibers are more expensive but last longer. For instance, how often do you wear black pants, ladies? Quite a lot I am sure. Must-Have Fashion Essentials From Your Indianapolis Women's Styling Expert Tops Let's start with the basic blouse. Your bouses could be cotton, button-down, silk, knit, etc. Stock up on this Indianapolis Women's Styling essential in a variety of subtle prints and solids. These are perfect for work or to wear under a blazer. I am a huge fan of polka dot--very classic and looks wonderful. Another must-have: Classic blazer in a neutral (black, navy, camel, cream, grey) color. It should fit you perfectly in every way to flatter and slim you. Many stores have beautiful blazers such as Brooks Brothers, Nordstrom, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, and so on. Buy pure fibers such as wool, cotton, etc. Find something you like that doesn't fit quite right? Alterations on blazers can do wonders! Bottoms Dark rinse, classic jeans that fit you perfectly. You can wear these to work or on a night on the town. My favorite jeans lately have been from Madewell, White House Black Marketing and Lucky Jeans. Don't be afraid to buy them snug if they have stretch. They should not be uncomfortable but if you don't buy them snug they will droop later. Even if you're not a frequent skirt wearer, having at least one in your closet is a must. Ladies, I still love a pencil or A-line skirt in [...]

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Wear Masks with Panache!

If there is any spring trend you should be following this spring it’s got to be the mask. Not only is this item essential for your health, but it can also be used to make a fashion statement. With many states making it mandatory for people to wear masks when they go out, it presents the perfect opportunity for people to get a little creative with their outfits. Your Indianapolis Personal Stylist has some tips on how to make your mask display your personal style. Whether it be with a fun saying, funky pattern, or just a standard hospital mask. Incorporating Your Mask Into Your Outfit In Asia, masks have actually been trending accessory for some time now. It is not uncommon to see masks incorporated into street style looks in places like South Korea and Japan. Young Asian influencers often pair their masks with an oversized hoodie and baggy pants for the perfect comfy and casual look. But now with the spread of the coronavirus, the mask craze has become an international affair. Nowadays, almost every major brand is using its resources to produce and donate masks to healthcare workers all over the world. But where can you find a mask to help stop the spread of COVID-19? Perhaps the easiest way is doing a little “Do it Yourself.” There are plenty of tutorials online giving step by step instructions on how to fashion your own mask if you have a sewing machine. However, if you do not have a sewing machine it can be just as easy. Here are my Indianapolis Personal Stylist instructions on how to make a mask out of a scarf or bandana you probably already have in your closet! How To [...]

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So Now You Use Zoom!

I was just talking to a friend last night who’s working from home, as many workers are around the world, and we were talking and laughing about using the needed technology. My friend was using some type of Intranet platform, while others of us are using Zoom or other applications such as GotoMeeting. The New York Times even had an article about working from home. I had to laugh – the writer mentioned people don’t realize how wide the Zoom camera lens is and are walking around their home office half naked, showing extremely slovenly surroundings, etc. Did you know your computer has a little camera lens right in the middle of your screen? Put tape over it if you don’t want people to see you and your “home” office. Or, if you are wearing a statement jacket like this navy jacket I am wearing by Polo, smile for the camera and enjoy your appearance in meetings on Zoom! I have had to use Zoom or Come to Meeting for a couple of years now in my work on the board with the Association of Image Consultants International. Most of the time if I am not feeling very professional on the night call I put some type of jacket over whatever I am wearing even it it's a T-shirt. I feel more professional, too, when I do that. If online meetings are new to you, here are some tips: Do the ZoomGoToMeeting tutorial. It’s easy, very helpful. Why? Suddenly you are now being judged on your “online” presence, not just your Brainiac skills. You don’t want to look like the person who can’t learn or adapt. We all know those who adapt survive, right? Practice [...]

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