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Flattering Hair Color Part 2

Two blogs ago, we started to explore the topic of finding the right hair color as we age and our hair starts to grey. While in my first blog I encourage men to show some gray, with ladies, it's another story. I believe 100 percent that most women who let their hair go completely grey or white and are still in the workplace look older. It's not fair, but as an Indiana Women's Stylist, I have to say that it is what it is. Maybe just let some of the grey show but not grow out all of it? If you're retired or don't work anymore, you don't need to worry as much. Please yourself! To Gray or Not To Gray? The other part of hair is that when you go too far from your natural hair color your coloring is very confusing and not in harmony. For instance, I had an Indiana Women's Stylist client with very bright green/blue eyes and bleached out hair. I had the hardest time figuring out her color analysis. When I first met her, she had light brown hair. I recommended to her to put some of that color back in her hair for more harmony. It helped with her definition while also making her look younger in the process. A friend of mine is making the journey homemaker to going back to the workforce as a flight attendant. A job she absolutely loved and missed. Somewhere along that journey, she decided to go back to a hair color that was closer to her natural color. The results are in, and they are spectacular! I could not believe the difference! She changed her hair to a  darker color and it made [...]

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Wearing Fall Colors When You’re a Cool

It's fall, and leaves are actually mostly gone now and we're reading into winter. I have had a couple of my Indiana Wardrobe Stylist clients ask me: I don't look good in warm (fall colors) Yes, it's true.  Most of us do not look "wonderful" in all colors. Finding out your best colors is one of the most valuable services I offer. If you're interested in learning which season of colors is best for you, then you should try a color analysis. This really helps so many Indiana Wardrobe Stylist clients. Once they find their colors, they just follow the book and do the shopping themselves, and we never meet again. (It's also just one of my favorite things to do!) My color analysis is $250 and includes a swatch book and how to incorporate makeup in your best colors. Contact me if you want to learn more! Keepin' It Cool I have talked about this before: I have somewhat unusual coloring. My eyes are blue but can look green or even dark blue depending on the makeup and what I wear. They are definitely cool, however. Now my skin tone is another story. It is almost light brown color; it's very, very warm. That means I do not look good in cool colors that are out there in force: black, grey, white, and even hot pink.  It makes shopping really hard for me. But, fall colors are very flattering on my skin tone. I look great in rust, beige, brown, cream, coral, orange, warm red, and warm blues. If you have very cool coloring, warm colors are not flattering at all. But some colors you're just drawn to because they reflect the season and your mood, [...]

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Flattering Hair Color that’s Perfect for You!

Many times, in the course of an Indiana Personal Stylist I consult, men and women on a number of elements that make up your personal style.  We discuss hairstyles, hair color, and even skincare (yes, guys need skincare, too.). Women are, of course, tuned into makeup and what it can do. Some of them have never worn makeup at all or never used any skincare. Further, many of these clients have had skin sensitivity or other issues.  Today, I'm going to share with you some of my common recommendations for hairstyles and skin care for both men and women. I think you'll be surprised at some of my suggestions, but overall any change you make in the world of skincare is definitely an improvement. Common Skincare Recommendations from an Indiana Personal Stylist Right off the bat, with any of my clients (men & women) I recommend going back to a dermatologist. These specialists know about skin and often have their own products to sell or their favorite products on the market. As an Indiana Personal Stylist, I recommend whatever they do. They know the science behind skincare better than I do. But if someone has normal skin, I suggest starting some type of routine. For women, a day lotion with 30+ SPF during the day, and a good, gentle cleanser at night. I might also recommend a night serum and a rich night cream for the face and eyes. I have many favorites including Lancôme, Channel, Clinique (they have a great anti-aging line now), and Kiehl's. For men, I like Kiehl's cleaning and moisturizers as well as Clinique for men. I will recommend Neutrogena for drug store products, but from my experience as an Indiana Personal Stylist, I know what [...]

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The Pros and Cons of Pockets

Pockets are one of those extras that often surfaces in my work as a Carmel Personal Shopper for both men and women.  It's interesting, isn't it? Vanessa Friedman, in her NYT column, "Here to Help", recently wrote about pockets. A reader wrote in and said many of her athleisure pants (joggers etc,) did not have pockets. She couldn't believe it. I truly sympathize. A few weeks ago we found a race out of town. I hurriedly packed my suitcase for the night and my running clothes for the race. Very early the next morning as I put my t-shirt and joggers on I discovered the pants did not have a pocket. Not even a tiny pocket hidden in the waistband. We ended up hiding the keys under our car. So, I understand. Pockets are important. Carmel Personal Shopper Knows Women Want More Pockets Another unusual place people want pockets is in a wedding dress. How many times I have watched the show, "Say Yes to the Dress", and a gal yelps with delight when she finds the roomy pockets. I am not sure what she was planning to put there! Men often don't relate to the pockets dilemma since pockets are nearly always included in their garments, and they always have been. According to Vanessa Friedman, pockets are rooted in history. In the 17th century, the Victoria and Albert Museum said pockets were really soft fabric pouches that everyone tied to the waist. (The New York Times, September 28, 2020, A3.) Eventually, they were sewn into men's garments, but that trend didn't translate to women's garments. Eventually, women's pockets became the purses we know today. (Thank goodness, I say!) Click Here to learn more about the [...]

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Simple Ways to Stand Out While Working at Home

We've all had this experience: We open our closet, look in and think, "what am I possibly going to wear today?" At times, even I think that. Although it's much easier now that I know how to dress and put outfits together. If you are one of many, many people working at home, this discussion is for you. Many clients and friends have told me they turn their video off in these calls. I have many of these meetings, too. I meet with clients and have meetings associated with being president of the Association of Image Consultants International Chicago Midwest Chapter. All of our monthly board meetings, educational conferences, and other leadership meetings meet on Zoom. Yes, there are times when I turn the video off. But, just as many times, I do not. I want to show up, look my best, and participate. And it shows. People feel more engaged with a person they talk to if they can see them. Carmel Wardrobe Stylist's Go-To Outfits For Zoom Meetings I know I feel best when I am in a clean shirt or top under a third layer such as a blazer. Occasionally I'll add some color with a colorful scarf or a piece of statement jewelry. I am very aware of these things that make you look a little different. That is what I do for a living as a Carmel Wardrobe Stylist. I am encouraging you to do this as well.  Show up and get involved as though you were at work.  The pandemic will be over one day and some of us will continue working at home, but many of us may not. If you continue to work at home make an effort [...]

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Accessories and How they Pump Up an Outfit

Many of us don't put that much thought into our accessories. If you're on the fence about pairing a necklace with an otherwise plain, crewneck sweater. As your go-to Carmel Personal Stylist, I'm telling you to go for it. Necklaces and accessories boost your outfit up a notch. Believe it or not, there is a whole range and education that takes place among image consultants with accessorizing. Of course, I am not going to share it all here, otherwise, I would be giving away all my secrets. Carmel Personal Stylist Tips For Accessorizing I will divulge it is important to know what your scales are and then you can pick accessories with panache. Look in the photo here: What do you see? You might say, I see two necklaces; one appears to be a little bigger and has solid matte and clear objects. The other piece of jewelry has clear objects, that seem lighter somewhat. That is the keyword: lighter. Objects that are clear and/or shiny reflect lighter. Matte, solid objects do not reflect light, they absorb it. Looking at these two necklaces: the clear necklace is lighter and are best suited to be worn by women who are petite. Consider Your Body Shape And Colors The necklace on the left, however, would weigh down a smaller woman. Why? The larger, dark-colored solid matte beads. While it does have some clear beads, which lighten the necklace some, it is mostly a heavy necklace. As I wrote this blog I am thinking of a necklace I have that is heavy with solid, textured beads. Needless to say,  it's too heavy for me since this Carmel Personal Stylist Is small-boned, and 5'4". Now I am not thin, but medium weight. [...]

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Fall Trends to Love!

Fall is really just around the corner. That being said, now is the perfect time to prep for your fall wardrobe. Perhaps the most stylish season, fall is great for wearing your transitional pieces. You can try layering your favorite jacket over a frilly blouse or breaking out a pair of booties with your favorite sundress one last time. But, with each season you should always be aware of a few breakout trends that will take your style to the next level. Indianapolis Styling Consultant 5 Fall Trends To Look For Brown Leather As an Indianapolis Styling Consultant, I can tell you that brown has been a hot color in the fashion industry for a few months now, and trust me, it won’t be going anywhere. Stand out this fall with brown leather rather than typical black. The rich color will add an element of chic to any outfit. I recommend investing in a brown leather trench or even try out a pair of leather pants. For a monochromatic moment, try pairing with a chocolate brown turtleneck, and cheetah print mules. This type of head to toe dressing will make you feel so put together. Brown leather also pairs nicely with a sky blue, aqua, green, or even red for a little pop of color. Be ready to make brown leather your go-to option all season long. Brown jackets, like this one from Michael Kors, can make a statement and match most of your fall outfits. Equestrian Style In the past few years, there has definitely been a huge influence of Western-style, but this year we see more of an equestrian influence. In other words, trade-in your cowboy boots, for riding boots. You can implement [...]

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How to Stay Cool When It’s Hot as August

In many places, around the world, fall is one of our favorite seasons. In Indiana, the color of the trees is beautiful; there is a coolness in the air, and Pumpkin Spice lattes lure us inside a cozy coffee shop or kitchen nook. Just as often, however, we have a surprisingly warm day, even though it's cool in the morning. I have always found these days hard to plan for, let alone feel put together in my outfits. The rest of my blog discusses this dilemma: how to look cool, comfortable in hot weather in the fall? It's a reprint from my colleague, Edwards Buice, owner of a couture men's clothing collection. Edwards is based in Chicago, Illinois, and a member of our Association of Image Consultants International Chicago Midwest Chapter, Check out his clothing line here. Tips to Follow As you Get Ready For A Warm Fall Day From An Indianapolis Styling Consultant Nothing puts a damper on getting dressed in the morning more than stepping outside and having your outfit (and hair!) adversely affected by the sweltering weather. In the midst of changing seasons, and changing times, let’s turn up the heat on our fashion game and dress appropriately for the season while still bringing style to everything we do. Cotton, Linen, and Silk Professional attire is often made with heavy fabrics unsuited for warm weather, so when the temperature rises and humidity strikes, strike back with natural fiber fabrics. The top three choices for hot and humid weather include cotton, linen, and silk. As an Indianapolis Styling Consultant, I recommend these materials because they work best to absorb sweat and allow the skin to breathe. Another advantage of these materials is that they are usually lightweight, [...]

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The Importance of Your Smile!

Because I think style and image go way beyond clothes, accessories, and makeup. As an Indianapolis Image Consultant, I sometimes delve into ancillary areas that have to do with our image. It may be posture, how we pronounce words, and attitudes. It is interesting to note that sometimes when clients contact me, I can tell so much about them by the message they send me. While looking through their photos and even their emails, and social media sites I can determine by their voice and how clearly they speak or describe to me what they are thinking. All of these factors are part of your image. If someone’s verily timid or just the opposite this is easy to see as well, even before we have a chance to meet face-to-face. How Your Smile Can Improve Your Image Today, I am going to talk about an area we don’t often think about: our teeth and mouth, and how they look and impact on your overall image. When you think about how much we are online platforms such as Zoom where people can only see our faces for long periods of time. Of course, on my Indianapolis Image Consultant tip sheets for men and women, clean teeth and breath are a must for making a positive impression, hands down. You don’t want to have a meeting with someone with food in your teeth, really bad breath, or stained teeth. That is a given.  I suggest having a mirror somewhere in your office/cube. Give yourself a good last-minute check on your appearance before running off to a meeting. (My very first boss did this – and he was a guy!) While you may have looked good before you left for [...]

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Finding your “Look!”

During COVID-19, I had some time on my hands, as did many of my fellow image consultants. We had a couple of Zoom meetings to discuss business, whether we were doing it, how we were doing it, and how we were possibly working in the future. It was fascinating and a great time of inflection. Anyway, after this, I decided to add more Indianapolis Corporate Styling virtual services in addition to some offerings I already had. Has COVID Changed Your Professional Image? I can say that my time during COVID-19 was productive, stimulating, and really a sweet retreat from the normal business of life. Was it that way for you? It was quiet around our busy city neighborhood, I relished our evening walks and eating at home. Yes, I missed certain things, but after a while, I didn't even notice it. What does this have to do with the business of styling? It is a business, believe me. What you wear on the outside and reflect the person you are on the inside. That is why most image consultants I know talk about how they really explore a client's goals, present outlook, and willingness to venture out and try new things. Really when a stylist does an outstanding job in working with a client, there will be a change in appearance, for the better. Only when a client truly shares their thoughts and feelings and how they want to become. That's when the image can move forward.  Let's talk about making outfits. In my experience, I have found some clients really struggle with making outfits and selecting items for certain looks or events. This is where I find my expertise is needed. First, as an Indianapolis [...]

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