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Undergarments That Make You Look Fabulous

Undergarments that Help You Look Fabulous! Ladies – it’s time to give shapewear a second look! Shapewear is nothing like the constricting girdle of yesterday. Thank goodness, right? However, even though we’ve come a long way with improved and even “comfortable” shapewear, we still need some education on how to choose it. Advice From Your Favorite Certified Image Consultant I, your Certified Image Consultant, am going to talk about shapewear in general and what I have found to be useful in my own lingerie wardrobe as well as what I often recommend for my personal clients. One main tip is that when you try on clothing such as dresses or even ballgowns, you need to wear your shapewear since it will affect how the garment hangs on your body. One of your most important pieces of undergarments, ladies is the bra. You should be fitted every 1-2 years because our size changes. I am trained to fit bras, and hands down, I almost always find that women wear too big a band size. Also, they often don’t change bra sizes when they gain weight. That is a mistake – you should never spill out of your bra. This is a good time to buy and get fitted for a bra since it’s winter, and stores are having many sales. I like Nordstrom and Von Maur for bra fittings. It’s free, and the advice you get is invaluable. Now back to other important thoughts...Shapewear is made of Elastane, known for being stretchy, breathable and adjustable. One option is a piece by Olikeme. I admit I have not worn this type of shapewear, but it does get the job done basically because of the amount of area it covers: [...]

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What to Buy this Month…

In Indiana, winter is just gearing up. We’re going probably about a third of the way into winter. We still have cold January and February, and even in March, we might have some snow and chilly days. What does your wardrobe need? What do you need to face the cold, sometimes dreary winter days? Your Indianapolis Image Consultant and Personal Stylist have some terrific ideas! Here are some tips to guide you as you look for some wardrobe additions… Your Personal Stylist's Favorite Winter Purchases Oh, wait: before you think about adding to your wardrobe, consider this: January and February are the perfect months to evaluate and clean out your closet. This is one of my most important services. I will meet you, determine your Wow colors and best silhouettes, and clean out your closet based on this knowledge. Wouldn’t it be great to look in your closet and smile with relief? You love your clothes and know what looks good and works for you. What to Consider for your Winter Wardrobe Needs: In the coming weeks, high-quality winter staples will start to be on sale such as. Wool and cashmere coats (look for a high percentage of wool or cashmere in your coats). Pick classic styles you can wear many seasons. Wool, leather, down and cashmere hats, gloves and scarfs. It’s okay to buy some fun bright colors, classic plaid or rich leathers. Sweaters that are high quality and in your best hues. Soft, warm sweaters to layer or wear under your blazers or denim jackets. Don’t be afraid to buy fun prints you can wear now and later. Suede and leather boots (winter and fashion boots).You always need a black suede bootie and a [...]

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Look Amazing While You Sweat: Choosing Stylish Workout Clothes

This week, your Indianapolis Image Consultant and personal stylist, has a special treat: A guest blog from my running coach, Jen Knife. What I admire about Jen is that she always looks stylish, even when she’s running. She makes her running outfits fun and interesting, whether it’s a colorful hat, fun tights or a bright color top. Yet, she always looks put together. Your  Indianapolis Image Consultant's Favorite Looks Jen Knife is an RRCA certified running coach as well as an RYT 200 yoga teacher. Jen coaches runners of all levels (locally and virtually), from running their first 5K to training for an ultra-marathon. She's been teaching yoga in the Indianapolis area for 11 years; in-studio classes, private lessons, and corporate classes/events. Her website is Her Instagram is jenknifeyoga. Might I add Jen always knocks her personal style out of the park – even when she’s exercising! Dressing Your Shape… What running clothes are good for shapes such as curvy, rectangle and bigger in the middle? Jen says she’s a size 8 and I’d consider herself rectangular; her thighs are larger as well. Jen is a big fan of Lululemon for both cold and warm weather running gear. Their Run Times Short II has a wide leg, a wide waistband, and a 4” seam. And for cold weather she loves their Cold Pacer High Rise tights; they are fleece lined and have a higher waist than most tights. Another reason Lululemon is her go-to is she loves that they offer multiple size options versus just XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL. Whatever clothing line you choose, Jen says, just make sure the clothes fit you well and you love them so you'll wear [...]

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Basics to Personal Style, Part 2

In our last blog, we discussed some basics of self-care and personal style. We didn't even talk about clothing -- the reason is -- your Indianapolis Personal Stylist believes clothing is only part of the equation. Grooming, caring for clothing and yourself is also very important to your personal style. More Recommendations from Your Certified Image Consultant Getting into more details, I often discuss hairstyles with men and women in my consultation -- I, your Certified Image Consultant,  have often recommended a new hairstyle, and set the appointment and accompanied the client to the haircut. I wanted to make sure the stylist agreed with and carried out my direction. One client, in particular, was in the C Suite, in his mid-40 with a nice head of hair--yet it was cut strangely almost like a child's haircut. First of all, he was happy he still had a great head of hair. So true. His hair was thin and fine, however, so it required a certain type of haircut. We went to a salon that was not a barbershop, yet they styled men's hair. I thought that was a good, in-between vendor to use. The results were mind-boggling. He looked completely different: more professional, looked his age and sophisticated in an effortless way. Keep in mind: with style, the goal is not always to start out. For men, it's to blend in and then purposely stand out for a reason. Many men have told me this: I want to fit but be memorable. It's a little different with women. They often want to stand out. The way I, your Certified Image Consultant,  would approach a style to consult about hair and makeup with a female client is to first do [...]

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New Year, New You!

As a style and Image Consultant, I am often brought into people's lives during a point of change: it might be the first job, going back to work after a lapse, trying to improve appearance or just dress better to help secure a promotion. Sometimes, it can be more personal such as a divorce, widowhood or a life change such as retirement. In all these times, our clothes and appearance say something about us. There is not a doubt in my mind that the clothing we wear is our "walking billboard." And our appearance such as grooming, hairstyle, makeup, etc, speaks just as loudly. What does your appearance say about you? Sad, late, too busy, dated, trying too hard or not trying at all? Recommendations from Your Image Consultant It's funny that when I do a company presentation I always start with the basics, and that means not your clothing, but your hygiene. Talking to an employee about grooming is probably the most dreaded thing a supervisor has to do. Not to mention the possible legal ramifications. Anyway, I can certainly have that employee talk to you. I, your Image Consultant,  do it in a professional and non-personal way via a checklist. Then it seems the person is just one of many people I work with on these issues -- I am not targeting just one person. Beyond hygiene, the next big issue is how we take care of our clothing. Are they wrinkled, dirty, worn out, and ill-fitting? These issues can make even more expensive, high-quality clothing look cheaper. These issues are important, too. I often mention this is a Dress for Success presentation since I can't assume everyone knows how to care for clothing, etc. [...]

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Organizing Your Home to Improve Your Personal Style…Part 2

In our last blog, we talked about whether our personal style colors. What we wear and the best colors that complement ourselves showing up in our home decor. I think it does, but I don't think we are even aware we are doing it. Color is an internal aspect of our lives. It definitely has an effect on our mood. Some people, however, love more neutral, moody and muted colors. Others like bright, bold colors as I do. Neither one is right or wrong, it's just our preference. When styling your home, look beyond the color, furniture style, and home accents, and instead, think about if your home organizational techniques help you accomplish your Personal Styling goals. I had to really think about this one, so I think this topic deserves a blog. How An Organized Home Can Reflect Your Personal Styling What do I mean? Do you have the tools handy and ready as you get dressed in the morning? Even if you work at home or perhaps do not work at all and don't go to an office, you will need to think about your appearance and Personal Styling. The easiest way and most in-you-face way to do that is to have a full-length mirror in your bedroom or near your closet. Then, you can look at your total look, head to toe. Make sure you have enough lighting so you can truly inspect what you see. I have an oval mirror near my jewelry box. I recommend this as well since you see the close-up look at the jewelry you have on. I also like it for those delicate, sometimes hard-to-see clasps for necklaces or earring backs. I have mirrors in all [...]

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Styling Your Home …Does it Overlap with Personal Style?

Hello Fashionistas! For some reason, in December, I look around at my home and think about ways to make it more attractive and appealing. It may seem strange, but I focus so much on Personal Styling and brand, I don't give much thought to how my house looks. It is what it is! However, as I decorate for the holidays I do tend to think about it more. We drag out the holiday decorations, and like my closet, I pare them down. If something looks worn, hopelessly old, I toss it. I don't, however, toss out Christmas ornaments and cherished gifts, even if they have tarnished since they have a special meaning. For instance, believe it or not, I still have a little elf my first-grade teacher from North Liberty Elementary School, Mrs. Mobley, gave me for Christmas. It was such a sweet gesture, and I sometimes think of her when I hang it. Sometimes I see an ornament that brings back a less than happy feeling -- such as an ornament from my brother's first wife. It says 1976!! That's a long time ago. It's still a nice ornament, and we've all moved on since then. It still goes on the tree. Making Your Home Reflect Your Personal Styling Beyond the holidays, when you look at your home and consider your Personal Styling, I do think there is a connection. What colors we like, what colors we wear and what colors look good on us, in part are internal to us. I have always loved spring and summer and bright, happy colors. Dark, moody colors and neutrals are not my favorite. Similarly, when I had my "Wow Colors" analyzed, I was a spring. This [...]

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Gift Giving: How to Nail It this Holiday Season!

I hate to say it, but time is fleeting for buying the really good Christmas gifts for friends and families. I have learned a lot about giving gifts over the years. I was most impressed with a person I met once who told me his approach to gift-giving is very intellectual: Throughout the year, he takes notes about what his loved ones like, and he refers to it when buying gifts. I like this idea! Personal Styling Your Gift Giving Another gift-giving philosophy is from my husband, Michael, who is the world's best gift giver! (Yes, he does buy me jewelry. It was one of the first things he learned about me when we were dating, which I thought was very sweet.) Anyway, we had a conversation about how he would buy family gifts, and he told me two things: First if someone is an expert on something, let's say vinyl records, don't buy that person that type of gift. Why? He/she knows more about than you do and has certain opinions about what is cool and what is not cool. So, just don't go down that road. Second, Michael told me sometimes he sees a really lovely item and thinks: that would be a perfect present for someone, and he just buys it. Later, he figures out whom to give it to. For instance, we were shopping once and he spied a beautiful cashmere sweater. He looked at it; he could tell by touching that it was very high quality--and it was a neutral color. He bought it and later "gifted" it to his brother. Now, Michael knew his brother Chas appreciated fine clothing. He remembered when Chas was a teenager and he asked [...]

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Making an Entrance to Your Holiday Gala!

If you are like me, you look forward to holiday parties. I love, love getting dressed up. Men, you can include yourself in this category. What is more handsome than a guy in a suit, really, it's true! If I had my way, I would wave my magic wand and dress every man in some form of a suit. Why? They do so much for you, men! If you are shorter, they can make you look taller and more imposing. If you are heavier, they are slimming. And the list goes on. When it comes to dressing to impress this holiday season, consider these tips from a certified Personal Stylist:  Holiday Gala Fashion Tips From A Personal Stylist When you think about what to wear for your next holiday event, consider this: Is it a dinner party? Cocktail party where you will be standing? It is a dance - maybe even ballroom dancing? Think about what you are doing at the party when you plan your outfit. If you are standing the whole evening, better stay away from your 4.5 inch Jimmy Choo heels, ladies. If you are sitting more, embrace them. I really love beautiful, jeweled shoes for gala events. Also, remember that formal shoes are usually made of fabric such as satin or lace or just jewels. If your main event is a dinner party, be very careful about the dress or shirt you wear. Avoid white and very light colors just because you don't want to be the one with the food stain on your outfit. If you must wear a light color, adjust what you eat: Stay away from dark drinks, entrees with a red sauce or berry desserts. If you're going [...]

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Looking Chic at the Holiday Season!

Hello everyone! Like it or not, the holidays are coming now, one by one. After Halloween, they are there all in a row: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's and even Valentine's Day. If you are like me, you like to look festive and nice. We all want that, right. So, here are some ideas from your Indianapolis Men's and Women's  Indianapolis Personal Stylist. Holidays with Your Indianapolis Personal Stylist First, think about practical things: what are you doing at this event. Are you cooking? Are you hosting and just greeting people? Are you making a dish and bring it to a big gathering. These particular things will guide you as you pick your outfit. Or are you going to an elegant party where you want to make a statement? Are you sitting in an audience, dancing on the dance floor, standing in a cocktail reception? These things will guide your choices as well. In this blog, I am focusing on the more low-key, family at someone's home events.  You can still dress up but you want to be comfortable. For these gatherings, I lean toward pretty blouses (maybe not billowing sleeves if I am in the kitchen helping) in flattering colors for me such as earth tones, greens, etc., that especially say fall. The colors you pick will depend on your Wow colors. (If you haven't had your Wow Colors done, you need to do it. For me, it was the most important thing I did to establish my style and really set up my closet. I, your Indianapolis Personal Stylist,  had been spending too much money on colors/clothing that was popular but didn't look good on me such as black, olive green, bright pink. I now [...]

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