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The Basics You Need to Make a Wardrobe Work: Women

Hello, fashionistas! I am going to join the long list of Indianapolis Women's Styling experts who recommend some basics you need. Basics are the pieces that are the foundation of your wardrobe. So - don't be afraid to buy quality clothing at a higher price. Pure fibers are more expensive but last longer. For instance, how often do you wear black pants, ladies? Quite a lot I am sure. Must-Have Fashion Essentials From Your Indianapolis Women's Styling Expert Tops Let's start with the basic blouse. Your bouses could be cotton, button-down, silk, knit, etc. Stock up on this Indianapolis Women's Styling essential in a variety of subtle prints and solids. These are perfect for work or to wear under a blazer. I am a huge fan of polka dot--very classic and looks wonderful. Another must-have: Classic blazer in a neutral (black, navy, camel, cream, grey) color. It should fit you perfectly in every way to flatter and slim you. Many stores have beautiful blazers such as Brooks Brothers, Nordstrom, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, and so on. Buy pure fibers such as wool, cotton, etc. Find something you like that doesn't fit quite right? Alterations on blazers can do wonders! Bottoms Dark rinse, classic jeans that fit you perfectly. You can wear these to work or on a night on the town. My favorite jeans lately have been from Madewell, White House Black Marketing and Lucky Jeans. Don't be afraid to buy them snug if they have stretch. They should not be uncomfortable but if you don't buy them snug they will droop later. Even if you're not a frequent skirt wearer, having at least one in your closet is a must. Ladies, I still love a pencil or A-line skirt in [...]

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Wear Masks with Panache!

If there is any spring trend you should be following this spring it’s got to be the mask. Not only is this item essential for your health, but it can also be used to make a fashion statement. With many states making it mandatory for people to wear masks when they go out, it presents the perfect opportunity for people to get a little creative with their outfits. Your Indianapolis Personal Stylist has some tips on how to make your mask display your personal style. Whether it be with a fun saying, funky pattern, or just a standard hospital mask. Incorporating Your Mask Into Your Outfit In Asia, masks have actually been trending accessory for some time now. It is not uncommon to see masks incorporated into street style looks in places like South Korea and Japan. Young Asian influencers often pair their masks with an oversized hoodie and baggy pants for the perfect comfy and casual look. But now with the spread of the coronavirus, the mask craze has become an international affair. Nowadays, almost every major brand is using its resources to produce and donate masks to healthcare workers all over the world. But where can you find a mask to help stop the spread of COVID-19? Perhaps the easiest way is doing a little “Do it Yourself.” There are plenty of tutorials online giving step by step instructions on how to fashion your own mask if you have a sewing machine. However, if you do not have a sewing machine it can be just as easy. Here are my Indianapolis Personal Stylist instructions on how to make a mask out of a scarf or bandana you probably already have in your closet! How To [...]

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So Now You Use Zoom!

I was just talking to a friend last night who’s working from home, as many workers are around the world, and we were talking and laughing about using the needed technology. My friend was using some type of Intranet platform, while others of us are using Zoom or other applications such as GotoMeeting. The New York Times even had an article about working from home. I had to laugh – the writer mentioned people don’t realize how wide the Zoom camera lens is and are walking around their home office half naked, showing extremely slovenly surroundings, etc. Did you know your computer has a little camera lens right in the middle of your screen? Put tape over it if you don’t want people to see you and your “home” office. Or, if you are wearing a statement jacket like this navy jacket I am wearing by Polo, smile for the camera and enjoy your appearance in meetings on Zoom! I have had to use Zoom or Come to Meeting for a couple of years now in my work on the board with the Association of Image Consultants International. Most of the time if I am not feeling very professional on the night call I put some type of jacket over whatever I am wearing even it it's a T-shirt. I feel more professional, too, when I do that. If online meetings are new to you, here are some tips: Do the ZoomGoToMeeting tutorial. It’s easy, very helpful. Why? Suddenly you are now being judged on your “online” presence, not just your Brainiac skills. You don’t want to look like the person who can’t learn or adapt. We all know those who adapt survive, right? Practice [...]

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Guys and Gals: Statements Pieces and How to Wear Them

This blog is going to touch on statement pieces.  Why we need them, what they do for us and our style and when to know we have too many. Take it from this Personal Stylist, statement pieces and really add some "pizazz" to both men's and women's wardrobes. My definition of statement pieces is that clothing that "stands out." You remember it; you love it, but you probably don't wear it every day. I recently bought a "statement" blazer. It's teal velvet with delicate flowers from (It's a British company. Check it out if you're a romantic like me and like the girlish feel of their lines.) David Edwards CC is, partly owned by one of my image consultant colleagues, is a perfect example of some statement pieces. I particularly love their print shirts. I plan to wear the jacket with a simple red blouse and jeans, a navy basic dress or navy pants and red shoes. The blazer is a statement piece because you see it, and it "stands out." I love this blazer and will wear it with caution because people remember statement pieces, and it's not something I wanted to always be remembered for wearing. I did not buy the matching pants -- for me that's too much going on. I could have bought the floral pants and made them my statement piece -- but I am much smaller on the top than the bottom so I put my "statements" above the waist or in my jewelry. Guys, what is a statement piece for you? It all depends on your style. If you are more of a conservative dresser, your statement piece maybe a pair of yellow or Nantucket red pants or [...]

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Remote Styling and Online Shopping is Open

We never could have predicted our country would be where it is now in the middle of a pandemic due to the Coronavirus and so many disruptions in our daily lives. Enough of that! Have No Fear, Your Personal Stylist is STILL Here I have always written and "preached" the work of a Personal Stylist is different than any other job because it is personal to the client. I spend so much time getting to know the person, his/her needs, budget, special challenges, and lifestyle. Then, I create a plan to address the issues each client has. I am working with a new client today, in fact. While yesterday I was considering doing a live closet audit, I have since changed my mind. We will do it online instead. With the present social distancing that is harder to do, but not impossible. I had started to do some remote Personal Stylist work over the last couple of years. My first client is a doctor from Los Angeles I met at my husband's college reunion at Pomona College. It was a fun and productive experience. We did a color analysis online followed by shape analysis. I suggested some wardrobe additions all online. I need to take the virus seriously as you do so I am suspending any "live" Personal Stylist work until May 1, 2020. It's the right thing to do. I am not stopping my work--I am changing how I do it. I believe people need a Personal Stylist even more now. I am available to shop online, create look boards, capsule wardrobes, makeup recommendations as well as any of the other services I offer. My hunch is that retail stores will offer even more sales and incentives so consumers [...]

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So Much to Love: Trends for Spring: Women…

Of course, spring trends were already being analyzed last October. Now, many of those items (originals and knock-offs) are hitting the stores.  I am so ready for spring clothes! Ladies, the menswear look will continue to be hot. According to Harper's Bazaar mag. The twist I noticed was adding the belt to jackets (a look I love). Make sure to pick jackets and tops that are not so bulky and that are not double-breasted. Otherwise, you'll add bulk to your look! Hot Fashion Trends to look forward to this Spring From Your Indianapolis Wardrobe Stylist The Big Collar Large, angular collars are in. It was most often seen on top of a jacket such as a contrasting jacket color or even a silk shirt (my personal favorite). Not sure you can pull it off?  The size of the collar depends on the scale of you. If you're petite, I recommend a smaller collar.  If you're a medium-sized, look for collars that are medium and grand.  The bigger the collar, the more balanced the look. Make sure the collar doesn’t overwhelm you. Crochet Dresses  Crochet is so diverse. You can find it in bright colors or neutral tones. Look out for large or small crochet dresses and evening wear. It’s not your grandma’s crochet. I also saw crochet in home interiors as I toured the Home Showcase at the Indy home show. These dresses are form-fitting and show a little skin in all the right places for a flattering look. Bra Tops & Crop Tops Bra tops and crop tops are still here. If you can wear them, great! Pair a crochet bra top with high pants and a large jacket for a less exposed look [...]

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The Oddballs in Your Closet…

We're going to continue our discussion about closet cleanout. After you've cleaned out the clothing you don't like and clothing that doesn't fit, you're heading for the next step: pulling out clothing you like but don't know how to wear. You might not wear it for a variety of reasons: So often times when we have a garment we just don't like, 9 out of 10 times it's the wrong color. Color Advice from Your Personal Stylist You think it's a strange color: Maybe it is! Or maybe you need help in figuring out how to wear it with a new piece I find for you or the basics you already have. When I work with clients, the very first service I like to do a color analysis: I think it is the most important service I offer. Why? Many of us are clueless as to what colors flatter our skin tone,  hair, and eye color. When we don't know what colors flatter us, we might buy what is in fashion at the moment. This is true for men and women! For instance, this past fall and winter, earth tones and leopard prints have been hot. If you have a warm complexion such as I do, earth tones are very flattering--although I try not to wear too dark a color. I can rock brown, rust, camel, warm red, color, etc. However, if you are a Cool tone and are very fair with cool tones in your hair and skin, you don't want to wear these warm earthy colors in clothing that is close to your face! You can, however, buy these colors in accessories such as a purse or even pants, as long as you pair [...]

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When to Pitch and When to Alter Clothes…

Hello Everyone, As winter winds down, many people tell me they are looking at their closets and want to clean them out. We might want to make room for spring, or just move out winter clothing. They might want to donate or consign certain pieces but don't know where to start. Of course, your Indianapolis Men's and Women's Personal Stylist is available to help. I love these types of jobs since clients feel so relieved and happy when we're done -- and have a wardrobe and closet that really works for them and their lifestyles. Closet Advice from Your Personal Stylist In some ways, those who have a really large closet (maybe as big as a bedroom) can actually be at a disadvantage. Why? You can keep all of it and don't feel the pressure to clean and organize. I don't know what that is like since we have a 1937 -built Cape Cod house. It's cute, and I love it, but I am certainly lacking in closet space. Closet organization and keeping and pitching clothing is a topic your Indianapolis Personal Stylist thinks is pertinent for men and women! And teens, tweens, etc. I often tell clients with whom I am going to start working to go to their closest and first pitch clothing they don't like. Why? It's not worth altering or working with items you don't like for some reason. Do that task first. Put it on a pile, and if it's new and a brand name take it to a consignment store in your neighborhood such as The Toggery, Simply Chic or Clothes Mentor. Guys, The Toggery now takes men's clothing. Second, look at your closet and make a pile of [...]

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AICI Conference in Chicago

Hello everyone. This blog is a bit of a departure -- I want to share blogs that relate to real life, and right now, beyond working with clients, a chunk of what I am doing is being president of our Association of Image Consultants International Chicago Midwest Chapter and helping to create and promote our upcoming conference. We have a small board, actually from all over the country, and as far west as Dallas, and we work hard to create events for our members. It is a challenge for me, but it is very rewarding to see people use their talents and for all of us to work together toward a big goal -- our regional conference in Chicago this April 18-19. Here's a video I did for our Facebook page: AICI Midwest Chapter Regional Conference. We are planning two days of activities and are still finalizing the continuing education hours participants will receive. Yes, all Certified Image Consultants have to earn continuing education to keep their CIC status. It's really quite a lot we have to maintain, and the reasoning behind having it is that as a professional you need to be knowledgeable and current in your profession. So training for image consultants can be quite extensive. Check out our conference information here and guests are welcome, too: 2020 Education Conference. Of course, image consultants love nothing more than discovering new shopping places and vendors and even designers. Thus, the night before the event we will be doing a Boutique Crawl to three downtown Chicago stores: We will visit Marcus, the Real, Real and Space 519. The boutiques all have affiliate programs for image consultants to share with us. Our headline speaker, Elaine Stoltz is one of [...]

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Stylish Workouts!

This blog is Part 2 of my guest blogger’s thoughts and exercise clothing and how to approach your purchase. I think it’s such a timely issue as everyone focuses on the New Year and making new exercise goals, hitting the gym and signing up for spring races, whether it’s a 5K or a marathon! Do you always wear sunblock? Rain, snow, sun: always wear sunblock! Try to stay in the shade as much as you can in the summer and wear a hat or visor for extra protection against the sun. I might add that even if you have some fun protection in your makeup, ladies, it’s just not enough. Please don’t skip this part! Case in point: I must have gotten a lot of sun this year since when I had my twice-yearly skin peel from my esthetician, I couldn’t believe all the dead skin she took off and how many spots she removed. (By the way, I highly recommend Danielle at The French Pharmacy Salon in Broad Ripple!) What fabrics wick best and what do not? What does wick mean? Can you really get a bargain in running clothes? Moisture-wicking fabrics (sometimes also referred to as “technical” fabrics, since they are a high-tech polyester) help wick sweat away from the skin to help keep you dry; they also help to keep you cooler since the fabric’s texture promotes airflow. For running and other sports try to stay away from cotton fabrics which can hold moisture in (which can both weigh you down and cause chafing!). You can always find bargains in running clothes! Whether it’s clothes that have a higher price point that you find on sale or even brands that already have [...]

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