Work Picnic: Tread With Caution

We have all been there: The Company Picnic. For many people, it’s a quandary: what should I wear? I want to look more casual, but not too casual: will people think I want to goof off? Will I look stupid? Or if I am too dressed up, will I look too corporate or uptight? As […]

Goodwill Goes Uptown

Thrift Store Tips From Your Indianapolis Wardrobe Stylist Many Fashionistas I know already shop at thrift stores such as Goodwill. I am amazed at some of their cute finds. I, too, caught the thrift store bug and shopped a Goodwill store in Manhattan in the Chelsea District while we vacationed there. While I can only […]

Fun in the Sun

If you are like me, you have fond memories of the summer. I lived in a rural area of Indiana, and it seemed there were hours to read, play outside with my neighbors and pets, and, when I was old enough to drive, meet friends at the swimming pool or local hangouts. Back then, being […]

Skin Care is for Men, too!

Being in the cosmetics industry, makeup and someone’s look are always on my mind for women and even for men. At a few weddings, some grooms will even let me apply some transparent power or oil control lotion so they won’t look shiny at the altar. It takes quite a bit of persuasion, though. Men […]

Jewelry Supports Women Around the World

This week at my book group, we discussed Kisses From Katie, a story about a young woman who is devoting her life to helping orphaned children in Uganda. What she has accomplished is nothing short of a miracle. Davis’ nonprofit, Amazima Ministries International, connects 600 vulnerable children with sponsor families worldwide and feeds 1,500 kids a week. […]

Shopping for a Day

Recently, one of my friends asked me to go shopping with her to update her work/personal wardrobe. She had just received a full-time job and felt she needed an updated image for work. It was a fun and productive day. Since I know this lady pretty well (we used to work in the same office), […]

Finding the Perfect Jeans

Jean Tips From Your Indianapolis Personal Stylist We all wear jeans. Since I don’t work in an office anymore, jeans are nearly an every-day part of my wardrobe. Finding the pair that fits correctly and is comfortable yet stylish can be a challenge, however. That’s why I want to talk about that here! My frustrations […]