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Colors That Pump Up Your Style

Color Trends From An Indianapolis Image Consultant Even though I don’t embrace all trends for all clients, as ab Indianapolis Image Consultant I do like stay up to date on what's trending.  I like to read "Who, What and Wear’s" blog and see what they talk about. One of those big trends you can read about is pistachio green. It’s soft and beautiful. Orange and red and some purple were on the runway as well, and I even favor these combos: pink and red, and red and burgundy. I actually mentioned this at a corporate retreat where I spoke, and I received a somewhat surprising response from my audience. They were appalled and could not see it at all. Like most colors, it all depends on the shade of the color and how bright it is. I will never forget the bridal colors of my co-workers' daughter: burgundy, red and plum. This graphic designer knew her colors well because It was absolutely beautiful and very unexpected. I also remember last fall, about this time, when I attended a well-known etiquette expert’s seminar. The last part of it was hosted by a local personal stylist. Her clothes were absolutely beautiful, mostly designer and lovely. But – it was what she wore that caught my eye: she had on a medium pink pair of pants; a red, burgundy, and pink silk blouse; and bright red pumps. She looked fabulous. Oh, it was so stunning. She was very, very tall and blonde and could pull it off. Ever since then, I have had my eye out for possible red and pink combinations. I think it’s so fresh, and since one of the runway trends is sporting very bright colors, [...]

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Street Style

Last weekend, I had the rare opportunity to leave my home and travel to another state and enjoy restaurants, a beach, and highway excursions. I thoroughly enjoyed it; although it was very short. These are the times we live in. I still have not flown on a plane in more than six months, and my husband and I avoid eating indoors at restaurants. We have already talked about how we'll get out during the winter. We decided we'll try neighborhood and trail hiking, and I have even been checking out which winter boots would be good for this. This research I will include in a future blog! Anyway, one evening as I sat outdoors near a busy street what joy it was to watch people walk by in their Saturday night fashions. That's what I want to talk about here: my favorites and my not so favorites. What A Personal Stylist Notices While People Watching on Vacation Vacation style will never go out of style. All over the country, people are looking for ways to get away even in trying times. Escaping to a little vacation, no matter how far, might be what you need to boost your wardrobe. A new outfit for vacation could get you out of that quarantine slump. People watching on vacation is a great exercise for a Personal Stylist to see what's trending in the real world. I've found some common vacation pieces that I loved, and some I didn't. Favorite Styles: Guys in cotton, patterned short-sleeve shirts, shorts, and sandals. This is a very summery look, and I am always impressed when guys don't have even one athleisure piece on such as sneakers that are for some sport. Guys wearing [...]

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Standing Out

Serial Shoppers - Are you one? In my journey in working with my Indianapolis Fashion Stylist clients, I have learned several things. One, clients need to learn their best colors, or else their wardrobe will not be as great as it could be. I meet so many people who are what I call "serial" shoppers. They buy often, anywhere, without a plan. Sales move them, media influencers tell them what to wear, as do well-meaning friends. There are so many inexpensive clothing options out there, I understand how easy it is to be distracted. You can buy in quantity more, now than ever. Especially now that the stores are holding sales to move out spring/summer merchandise and make room for the fall items. But buying without abandon and without a plan is never a good idea. Indianapolis Fashion Stylist's Tips For Being A Better Shopper Start by finding out what kind of shopper you are. Click here to take my quiz!  Many times my Indianapolis Fashion Stylist clients buy large quantities of clothing online, just because they don't like to shop in person. I understand it, and I shop some online too, but only after I know my size with a certain company. Again, we are bombarded with sales, stories, testimonials, from all sides and we feel the need to respond. I am not going to solve the current state of retail and our vulnerabilities to it in one blog. But I can say this: working with an Indianapolis Fashion Stylist like myself will help you by: Creating awareness of how your view on shopping may not help you get the look or image you want I can help you create a plan in deciding how you want to look [...]

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Jump Right In: To Your First Jumpsuit!

If you want to make a statement with your next outfit, this Indianapolis Women's Styling intern suggests trying a  jumpsuit. The head-to-toe look is anything but boring, and it moves beyond your basic blouse and trousers. However, so many women still stray away from this all-in-one look. Although, when worn correctly jumpsuits can look extremely chic, they can also ruin your entire look. If you choose the wrong fit, length, or accessories you may start to drown in your jumpsuit. Luckily, I have created a go-to guide on how to wear a jumpsuit like a fashion superstar. Indianapolis Women's Styling Recommendations for Rocking A Jumpsuit Rule 1: Find the jumpsuit that one that works for you it's not one size fits all! Just like any other style of clothing, jumpsuits come in many shapes and styles. When shopping, start by picturing how you would wear this jumpsuit. This will help you determine if you need a jumpsuit with sleeves, lighter fabric, or formal design. Once you have an idea of what you are looking for, dig deeper into the details of the jumpsuit. Overall, the most flattering type of jumpsuit tends to be more fitted in the waist with a looser leg. If you are tall, don’t shy away from a bold wide-leg jumpsuit. You want the length to finish just above the ground. This will be the most flattering, and it makes your legs look the longest. However, if you are on the shorter side, it is important to not let your jumpsuit overwhelm you. Instead of a wider leg version, As an Indianapolis Women's Styling intern, I recommend a slimmer pant with a cropped hem. Rule 2: Jumpsuits Can Be A Formal Fit As mentioned above, it [...]

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What Beth Divine Style Loves at the Nordstrom Sale

Hello Fashionistas! I was at the Nordstrom sale last night, shopping for a client, and I wanted to point out some cool pieces I saw there. Of course, what you like depends on many things: your style, age, weight, etc, but there is always something for everyone. I am going to include some pics, too. Even if you're not back in the office yet, I've always got Indianapolis Corporate Styling on my mind. These outfits are not only great for the workplace, but you might be awarded "best dressed in the zoom call" with some of these finds. Nordstrom Sale Picks For Women First, you know how I love a jacket. Even though no one is even thinking of jackets right now, it won't be the case forever. This jacket has the best of both: a color pop, knit for comfort and fit and flattering lines. It comes in several colors and is only $49! I would wear this jacket with jeans and a t-shirt, or over a blouse or a dress. Or with pants and a pencil skirt. So many options and perfect for your next Zoom meeting! Not every item on this list is for work styling. This camo knit jacket is only $39. Another really cool comfort piece with a  fitted waist, and the back and so flattering! Perfect for casual days at work (it that every day now?) or lazy weekends. Leather is back. I saw several leather jackets and leather leggings. I especially liked the BP leggings since you can try them without a huge investment. Wear these leggings with a fuzzy sweater and some booties for an instant outfit. You know I love a great dress, and there were some [...]

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Talk with a Stylist…

It just occurred to me that I have been trained as an Indianapolis Personal Stylist for nearly five years, and before that, I was a makeup artist. So I’ve now been in the beauty and image industry for eight years. It’s so hard to believe the time has gone so fast. If you haven't had the opportunity to talk with a personal stylist before, or you're a new visitor to my website, let me tell you a little about me so you feel comfortable when scheduling a personal consultation Before I was an Indianapolis Personal Stylist... I worked in corporate communications/marketing for about 25 years, including several internships. I thought I was in a creative field. Which I was, but I didn’t realize that fashion and styling is a much, more “creative” field. Designers prize being different and creating trends. It’s probably why I was attracted to it. I wanted to find a better way to use my creativity. Over the years, I've worked with a couple of hundred clients over the years, both women and men. I thought I’d talk about what I have learned about dressing clients, giving style advice, and creating wardrobes that work for them. It's More Than Your Wardrobe For starters, nearly always, clients want to talk about their wardrobe when something isn’t working. Why else would they want advice from an Indianapolis Personal Stylist? But it's not always your clothes that aren't working. For instance, someone’s life has changed drastically, it can cause a ripple effect into other areas of their life. How you feel can influence how you dress. When big changes occur such as job promotion or even a demotion, getting divorced or becoming a widower can lead to weight [...]

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Is There a Fashion Production Crisis?

Fast fashion – Know Before You Buy, Advice from an Indianapolis Fashion Stylist Reader alert: This blog about “fast fashion” contains heavier content than my usual posts. So if you’re not feeling that, I understand; you might want to skip this one. But as an Indianapolis Fashion Stylist, I think its important to keep up with issues within the fashion community. I recently read Dana Thomas’ book, Fashionopolis: The Price of Fast Fashion and the Future of Clothes. It provides a disturbing look at the human and environmental carnage caused by an industry that produces billions of cheap garments a year, most of which are discarded after only a season or two. She calls it “a complex and epic-sized mess.” A few examples of why she says this: While about half of the Los Angeles Garment District’s 45,000 workers are paid at least minimum wage, the other half are undocumented workers paid as little as $4 an hour, and they work in badly ventilated, rat-infested sweatshops. Poorly paid garment workers in poverty-stricken countries labor in dirty buildings that are often locked to prevent them from leaving. Workers have died in garment factory fires because they couldn’t escape a locked building. Americans sent nearly 10 tons of discarded clothing, much of it fast fashion, to landfills each year. Thomas calls out big-name brands like Zara, H&M, Gap, and others she says perpetuate the problem but says she finds hope from those who take a more responsible approach—like Zero + Maria Cornejo. The socially responsible and environmentally friendly Cornejo produces almost all of her ready-to-wear items within New York City, primarily does business with suppliers in the city’s Garment District, and pays her workers fair, living wages. My advice for my Indianapolis Fashion Stylist clients is [...]

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Want to Look Younger? Style and Beauty Mistakes to Avoid

When you're young it's easy to follow fashion because so many fashion designers design clothes with young people in mind. As we age, we might find it harder to connect to the clothes that are assigned to our age group. A lot of my Indianapolis Personal Stylist clients ask for me tips on how they can look younger. Looking younger can make you feel younger, too. Check out my list to help you look younger. Indianapolis Personal Stylist List of Styling Mistakes To Avoid When Trying To Look Younger #1 Tip To Avoid: Wearing black eyeliner all the way around your eyes. As you get older, it’s been proven your eyes actually shrink, not by a lot, but by a little bit. When you take black liner and “line” your entire eye, you are making your eyes look much smaller. Make your eyes look bigger by investing in some good quality eye primer, some light beige eye shadow used to open up your eyes. Then use eyeliner on the top and even extend it a little in a winged tip. I even put a little color at the side of my eye to draw the eye up.If you need help in deciding the best eye shadow and eye liner looks for your eyes, please book a makeup consult with Beth Divine Style. #2 Tip To Avoid: Comfort Shoes All The Time Try not to give up on wearing heels. Wearing all comfort shoes all the time ages you, It just does. Try some brands such as Ugg, Vionic, and Sofft that have some fashionable styles that will look chic and be comfortable. Also Michael Kors, Calvn Klein, Nine West and other brands are more comfortable. #3 [...]

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Supporting Businesses from the Black Community

In light of recent events, it is important now more than ever to support our black community. As the world mourns with the recent deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahumaud Arbery, and so many more individuals, it's a good time to support black designers in the fashion industry. Purchasing from the following brands goes a long way. These brands are great to not only enhance your Personal Styling, but also as a great way to support the black community.  Below are five Black-owned fashion brands to shop from today, tomorrow, and forever. Jinaki Jinaki was created in 2012 by Sharufa Rashied-Walker while she was living in France at the time. Her design aesthetic  includes vibrant dresses, skirts, jumpsuits, and tops directly inspired by indigenous african textiles. Jinaki focuses on bright and bold prints that reflect African culture in a modern way. Over the past eight years, the brand has gained great traction. Jinaki has been worn by Taraji P. Henson and featured in countless publications. In addition, Sharufa Rashied-Walker won the Designer of the Year  for Young, Gifted, and Black Award in 2018, alongside many other amazing accomplishments. Jinaki comes in at a rather reasonable price range, with most dresses only costing $200. I recommend trying out this brand for my Personal Styling clients as a power brand for your next big vacation. The colors and prints are sure to make anyone standout. LOLA ADE The LOLA ADE name comes from the designer's West African heritage. According to their website,  Lola Ade (pronounced "Luhh-lah (like lullaby) AHH-Day") is a Nigerian name from the Yoruba language. Lola translates to "Wealthy" and Ade means "Crown." Lola has immense pride in her Nigeria culture, which helped her develop her design aesthetic. [...]

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Anti-aging Tips, Part 2 for Men and Women

As an Indianapolis Wardrobe Stylist, I thought I'd devote another blog to looking younger! These tips go above and beyond what's in your closet, but you'll find you'll look and feel younger overall. These tips are especially great for the Summer. Look Younger with these Summer Fashion Tips From Your Indianapolis Wardrobe Stylist Watch Your Posture Make sure you stand up straight as your mother told you, It's really true. This goes for both men and women.  The story goes Tim Gunn, ex-host of Project Runway, was on the NYC subway one day, and a man asked him: Tim, want can I do to improve my look and style. Tim said,  "Improve your posture. Stand up straight, and keep your head up." This tip is for everyone. Fun in The Sun Watch the over-spray tanned, I have a pool look. Don't get in the trap of "I have to look tan, all the time." We all love a tan, and we know it makes us look healthy, worldly, and fun. But don't get the orange fake tan as one of our leaders routinely sports, along with the goggle tan lines. If you're retired, it is not a license to sit in the sun all day and tan, burn, tan. The sun ages your skin. Sit in the shade sometimes. When you lose your tan, use some self-tanning products. There are many good ones out there now. If you are out in the sun a lot, wear a hat.  It keeps the sun off your face and will preserve your skin. Invest in some fashionable and functional sunglasses! This is a fun, inexpensive accessory to up your style game. Try different styles and colors. Take It Easy on The [...]

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