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When Should I Wear a Suit?

When should I wear a suit is a question that guys may need to think about these days. Everyone knows – our society’s dress is quite casual – and wearing a suit is more of an exception that than a rule. That being said, there are those among us who really might not know how to answer this question. Age is not a factor for this – it’s just that we don’t wear suits that much anyone. Advice from Your Indianapolis Men's Stylist What has changed is that there are different kinds of suits and suit-look options beyond the tired navy blazer and khaki pants and a blue button-down shirt. When I say wear a suit in this story -- it could be interpreted as a sport coat and pants -- for some situations. So why should we care about this question – and the “right” occasion to wear a suit.  Let me tell you a true story: the pastor of our church told this story recently. He was invited to a very well-known event in Washington, DC, with our vice president. Many other heavy hitters in the capital would be there as well. This individual did not wear a suit and tie; he wore dress slacks, a dress shirt and a sweater vest—which seems like a reasonable outfit. However, when met the group, he was the only one there who was not wearing a suit and tie. Momentarily he felt out of place. Considering his experience and knowing there are going to be other times when a suit and tie might be appropriate, let’s review some possible times when a suit/tie, suit, and dress shirt, or a sport coat, dress shirt and pants are needed. [...]

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Travel Tips for a Woman on the Run …

Hello, fashionistas! I just came back from two trips. Both demanding specific outfits I, your Personal Stylist, didn’t usually need. The first trip was to my husband’s college reunion in California. Right there you know it’s going to stump you. Everyone knows – people in California dress completely different from Midwesterners. They pull off that casual, easy outfits with finesse. I would have much rather gone to an NYC college reunion since they dress much more formal and it’s in my personal comfort zone. So…what did I wear. Something to note, we were walking around the campus for three days – which covered so much ground since this was Pomona College, part of the Redland schools. Basically, it consists of five small liberal arts and sciences schools. Personal Stylist Dresses All Day Every Day I knew we’d be going to outdoor barbecues, a president’s dinner, some student concerts, and even some classes. What I ended up doing was this…I wore dresses. I, your Personal Stylist, am a dress girl! One of the personal dresses was a red cotton A-line, and I threw my leather jacket and a hat over it. My stylist tip, pair it with Espadrilles. I was also wearing my large, oversized sunglasses much of the time. For the more formal dinner – which was outside I might add – I wore a blue floral wrap dress and some leopard flats. Since we were walking around the Quad. That was probably my personal favorite outfit. I also wore some medium blue cotton pants and a long-sleeved Bohemian top. That was a nice option. It all seemed to go well. Stylist crisis averted. Here are some pics of clothes that are similar to what I wore: [...]

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Men: Here’s Some Fall Trends for Your Wardrobe

Believe it or not, summer is coming to a close. If you're anything like me, you're sick of the heat and ready for boots and lots of layering. To get you ready for the upcoming season, here are some of the biggest men's fashion trends. Follow this guide, and you'll be the most stylish man of the season. Golden Rules from Your Indianapolis Men's Personal Stylist Playful Knits For those cooler fall days, it is essential to have the perfect fall sweater. If you grow tired of your basic grey or navy sweater, perhaps try a more artistic approach. During the FW 2019 men's runway shows a variety of designers showcased illustrated knitwear. Not only is it functional and able to keep you warm, but it also looks extremely cool. I would pair a pullover with some dark jeans and a pair of boots or sneakers for a casual look. Scarves can be a great way to update a boring outfit into something much higher fashion. They also serve as a great way to stay warm. On the runway, designers showcased scarves in a variety of ways, however, extra-long scarves are most likely going to be the trend of the season. Extra-long scarves not only keep you extra warm, but they look impossibly cool. I suggest throwing a scarf on with a crewneck sweatshirt and some joggers for a relaxed weekend look.  Acid Wash I know, I know, the 80s were a scary time for fashion. But it was also a great time for self-expression. That being said, acid wash is back and bigger than ever. On the FW 2019 runway shows it was a big hit. Dsquared2 showed head to toe acid wash looks, and [...]

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The Rise of Denim Shorts

As you look around at what women of all ages are wearing, you’ll have to agree: The cut-off denim short dominates, second to the fringy denim skirt. along had 512 choices. Wow, that’s hard to believe. Well readers, while I have nearly every denim jean out there it seems, I do not have denim shorts. So, my journey begins to see what I can find and educate and entertain you along the way. The title of today's Personal Stylist blog has two meanings: Yes, denim shorts are very popular. Second, the “rise” of denim shorts is key to how they fit you and how they look. Recommendations from Your Personal Stylist Whether you realize it or not, the rise is the measurement between your natural waist and your crotch. It’s a key measurement to know when you buy jeans and pants, and when it’s right you won’t have baggy crotch also known as Carmel-toe. It’s important to pay attention and measure yourself or just realize that not all shorts/pants are created equal. Style Reccomendation: The Boyfriend Short Hourglass, bigger in the middle and rectangle shapes can probably rock about any type of denim short as long as they fit the rise and are not too tight or too baggy. You have to try them on though, trust me! The length depends on your legs, but usually, these figures have good legs and can wear thigh-length or even shorter shorts and look really good. You might even want to try the denim short overalls. On some figures, it's' really cute and trendy. Plus, and bigger on the bottom ladies have to be pickier about what shorts they wear. A darker rinse is always more slimming, as [...]

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Can I Still Wear a Crop Top?

Although you might be hesitant about reliving a 90's fad you overwore in your youth. Think about making an exception for crop tops. You may think Britney Spears is the only person that can make a crop top look good, but there are so many ways you can implement this trendy top into your wardrobe, AND still look classy. Here are some tips and tricks on how to crop it and rock it. Top Style Choices from Your Indianapolis Personal Stylist   Wear Something High Waisted If wearing a crop top sounds absolutely terrifying to you, try pairing it with a high waisted bottom. High waisted bottoms are flattering on most body types and can be a great way of hiding a little extra belly fat (No shame!!!). Not to mention, they look super cute with a crop top! For example, this Zara basic white cropped tank looks effortlessly cute paired with a pair of high waisted mom jeans. If you throw on a pair of sunnies, gold hoops, and some white sneaks you’ll have the perfect weekend look. Style Example: Ruffled Crop Top Know the Different Levels of Cropped Another essential part of rocking a crop top is knowing the different levels of a crop top. If you’re a daredevil you might want to go for a bra crop top. This is when the top is quite literally the length of a bra. There are also crop tops that fall right at your waist or just above the belly button. This type of crop top is perhaps the most common, and easier to pull off than the bra crop top. Lastly, if you are a little hesitant to reach for a crop top, try grabbing a [...]

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Inventory-less Stores — Trendy or Here to Stay?   Oh, the beauty of walking into the mall. You have every type of store at your disposal. Once you go inside a store, you are met with dozens and dozens of clothing options. After sifting through the store for what seems like forever, you finally find the perfect piece. As delightful as this scenario sounds, could shopping as a whole be made easier? And, no I’m not talking about online shopping. Inventory-less stores are becoming the next big thing in the retail world. Inventory-less stores have so many positive qualities to them. The smaller inventory levels make the store that much easier to organize. Therefore, when you're looking through clothes you won’t be overwhelmed with the high quantity of items. In addition, due to the fact that there is less inventory, there is so much more space in the store. This makes shopping much more relaxing. Often times inventory-less stores will provide its customers with complimentary beverages because let's face it shopping is hard. Not only are inventory-less stores beneficial to shoppers, but retailers benefit as well. For example, retailers face less holding costs, because of their low inventory they don’t require high labor costs. In addition, the retailer will find they are provided with more usable cash. Retailers are maintaining lower levels of inventory, and only replacing this inventory as needed, therefore the retailer can free up cash in order to meet other expenses. Stores like, Bonobos are making it that much easier to shop. Beginning in 2013, Bonobos began opening Guideshops throughout the United States. Essentially, Guideshops act as in real life, so this ensures you get the exact look and fit you need. ​The Guideshops are a curated showroom [...]

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What Pants Look Better on Me? From Your Image Consultant

Which Pants are Most Flattering for Me? As Told By Your Image Consultant This question is one I get quite often as a stylist and Image Consultant. And, it’s certainly an excellent question to ask. We know that not all shapes look great on everyone, so a little knowledge about what works for us is information to help us as we shop. If you need some coaching or a color analysis, along with the best shapes for you, consider my Color/Style Analysis. Send me a text for more information at 317-416-2782. Ann Taylor made my day when I saw this chart outlining the pant shapes they sell. I often buy pants at Ann because they fit me. And, I am not an easy fit! I am slightly petite in height, just over 5”4”; I have a short rise (short waisted); and I am a bigger on the bottom shape with a smaller waist and curvy shape. I like Ann Taylor’s curvy option many times; sometimes I buy petites but not always. However, I have a short rise and am short-waisted, but ironically, I am long-legged for my shape. Image Consultant Principles on Buying Pants Curvy/Bigger on the Bottom shapes (plus, petites, and average sizing): Buy a straight cut pant, a flared Trouser pant or a straight cut ankle pant. Beware of cropped. Wide leg might work, but you should make sure they are below the widest part of your calf and in a dark color. Pair with detailed top that draws the eye up. Hourglass or Proportionate shape: The sky’s the limit. You can wear nearly every shape pant, but you should avoid extremely skinny pants because they might make your shape look off-balanced. Cropped, [...]

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Yes, You Can Wear Stripes

Everywhere you look this season – in men’s as well as women’s clothing you see stripes. They are big, bold in horizontal (across); vertical (up and down); and even diagonal (one corner to the other). They are wide, and they are tiny; they are some of both.   When I talk to clients about wearing stripes, I always get a negative reaction. “Stripes always make you look bigger,” they tell me. I am here to say – not always. That’s why I am writing this blog. I want you to give stripes another chance. See a good example of a vertical stripe here: in a dark stripe. The monochromatic stripe in a vertical pattern is even more slimming.   This dress is a possibility for some women…The stripes are bold and not too wide and certainly slimming in the up and down visual pattern. And, an example that makes you look wider. The shape and pattern are not slimming. But it would work for a slim woman. Now – there is an exception. If you’re very thin, you can wear this – and you can really rock it! Now On to More What about horizontal stripe clothing? This is the pattern we all approach with caution—as we should. This white dress has narrow stripes but is probably not slimming for most women. Another example: It’s great for really thin, straight women but not for curvy women, Tie Back Stripe Knit Dress. Men: This would be more difficult to wear Mens Polo Shirt Casual Slim Fit Polo T Shirts.   While this shirt actually may not make someone look wider since it’s a darker stripe and dark background, Slim Fit Basic Sport Polo T-Shirts.   The general rules with all [...]

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Sustainable Personal Styling Made Easy

If you’re anything like me, you love Personal Styling and shopping--maybe even a little too much. The feeling of getting a new item of clothing can be compared to Christmas morning for personal fashion lovers. However, as awesome as new clothing is, buying into fast fashion leaves a large carbon footprint on our earth. Did you know that the fashion and styling industry is actually the second largest polluter of our world, just behind the oil industry? Specifically, ​fast fashion emphasizes lower costs, and speedy production. This is a result of trying to keep up with new collections inspired by celebrities and designer collections. Fast fashion tendencies are extremely detrimental to the environment since there is an urgency to create clothing quickly and at a low cost so it’s affordable to the masses. Reducing cost and time means that many corners are being cut. The impacts include an increased amount of textile waste, water pollution, and a large amount of toxic chemicals being used. At this point you may feel a little guilty, but fear not. Here are tips you can use to start shopping sustainable, yet still look stylish as ever! Buy from sustainable Personal Styling brands Perhaps, the hardest on your wallet, buying from sustainable styling brands may cost you a little more money, but they’re ultimately very beneficial to the environment. Reformation is arguably one of the best-known sustainable brands, and clearly there is a reason why. Not only does Reformation have the ultimate cool girl vibe with a cult following, but the company is also ultra-conscious of its environmental footprint. According to the brand’s website, “​RefScale tracks our environmental footprint by adding up the pounds of carbon dioxide emitted and gallons [...]

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From Your Men’s Stylist: The Best Fabrics of Summer

Guys, it’s getting hot outside. And your Indianapolis Men's Stylist knows what that means: perspiration. It’s something we all do, and while we really can’t prevent it, we can make some good clothing choices to minimize its effects. Men's Stylist: At First Glance When I work with guys, I often look at most of their wardrobe in our first appointment together. As a Men's Stylist, I look at everything, including how clothes wear. Very, very often I find dress shirts with yellowed-armpits. My stylist way to prevent this dilemma, believe it or not, is to wear a thin, high-quality undershirt. Why? This basic T-shirt traps the sweat. It’s surprising how many men do not wear undershirts. I understand – somewhat – it’s another layer, and it’s really hot outside. However, the undershirt really does help control perspiration and often saves your shirts. Trust your stylist on this one. I've seen a lot! Men's Stylist: Foundations Are Important Undershirts with sleeves are better than tank undershirts since the sleeved one’s trap sweat under the arms. Here are some good options, and some brands have tall and other extended sizes.  Calvin Klein is also a good choice. If you like to unbutton the first few buttons of your shirt, consider this V neck. Men's Stylist: The Fabric is Essential Okay, on to the next stylist suggestion. Picking the shirts you wear in the summer. When I used to work in a corporate setting, I often wore a white button-down shirt and a pencil skirt to the office. The white shirt was cool, the light color did not draw light, and it felt fresh. Back then, I had to iron it every day. We don’t have to do [...]

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