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Try New Colors This Season

Even though I don’t embrace all trends for all clients, I do like to keep on them. I, your Image Consultant, like to read Who, What and Wear’s blog and see what they talk about. One of those big trends you can read about here: Who What Wear was Pistachio green, even head to toe. It’s a soft color, and it’s somewhat of a surprise. Your Image Consultant Helping Your Find Your Colors Orange and red and some purple were on the runway as well, and I even favor these combos: pink and red, and red and burgundy. I actually mentioned this at a corporate retreat where I spoke, and I received a somewhat surprising response from my audience. They were appalled and could not see it at all. Like most colors, it all depends on the shade of the color and how bright it is. I, your Image Consultant, will never forget the bridal colors of my co-worker’s (who is an artist and graphic designer) daughter: burgundy, red and plum. It was absolutely beautiful and very unexpected. I also remember last fall, about this time, when I attended a well-known etiquette expert’s seminar. The last part of it was hosted by a local personal stylist. Her clothes were absolutely beautiful, mostly designer and lovely. But – it was what she wore that caught my eye: she had on a medium pink pair pants, a red, burgundy, and a pink silk blouse and bright red pumps. She looked fabulous. Oh, it was so stunning. She was very, very tall and blonde and could pull it off. Ever since then, I have had my eye out for possible red and pink combinations. I, your Image Consultant, think it’s so fresh, and since [...]

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Finding the Perfect Wool Coat, Part 2

As your Personal Stylist, I know that finding a perfect winter coat, that's not a puffer, can take a while. You'll have to try on many coats, but that is key to finding the perfect one. In my mind, the best winter coat will have three things: Be in your best color; be a great fit for your build/shape, and have a great cut/fabric. Personal Stylist's Tips for Finding the Best Wool Coat The first part of finding the best coat lies in knowing your best colors. I would encourage everyone to have a color consult to find your Wow colors (and yes I, Personal Stylist, do this service), but beyond that, just find out if you look better in cool or warm colors. The best way to do this is to try on a black coat versus a navy coat. Which one looks better? Or black and grey versus camel and navy. This will help you decide what colors are better for you. For instance, I am a warm, spring. I have blonde hair and blue eyes but a warm, peachy skin tone. I always look better in brown, navy and blue. Grey and black do not flatter me at all. Second, how does the coat fit you? Are the shoulders lying flat where they should? Are the sleeves too long (while you can shorten sleeves, but for petite women, you might need a petite size). Sit down in it - does it fit closely but not too tight? If you plan on wearing layers underneath it, a little room is okay. Third - what about the fabric? Before you even look at its contents, feel it. Is it coarse? It is soft? Is the fabric pilling? [...]

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How to Invest in a Wool Winter Coat: Men and Women…

If you are like many people around the world, having a dressy, wool or even cashmere dress coat is not at the top of your list of priorities. When it’s cold, you reach for you North Face, Canada Goose or Barber, or another brand puffer coat. It braces the elements; it’s warm…it’s practical. Everyone has one! I, your Personal Stylist, would certainly not criticize you for having a warm puffer. We all need one. Last winter when I was in Iceland, you better believe I loved having my three-way coat that was a raincoat and puffer combined. It kept me dry (first priority) and warm (second priority). And, two years ago when Indianapolis had one of the coldest winters on record, I wore my Canada Goose nonstop. Your Personal Stylist's Go-To Coat But I always see a place for a well-made, wool or cashmere coat in your wardrobe: guys and gals! I think it’s the beautiful tailoring I love the most, second to color and softness. You can be wearing jeans and a top, but put on a beautiful coat and your look is transformed into a classic chic vision. Guys, a sharp coat gives you an image that you’re in control and know how to dress. This is important at work and out on the weekends. It makes you feel great: trust me, that’s important. What are some things to think about when you are shopping for a winter coat? 1 – You might not find this “wonderful” coat on the first trip. Like jeans, you will need to try on lots of coats. Also, you’re not going to find a high-quality wool coat at Target, Old Navy or Kohls. You can find a colorful, trendy [...]

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Help! I’m Trying to Lose Weight and Don’t Want to Buy New Clothes

I hear this all the time – and I really do relate since my weight is a battle, too. Someone tells me (friend or client) …I can’t buy any more clothing until I lose weight. I , your Certified Image Consultant, just can’t do it. It’s a waste. I can relate, really, I can. But, sometimes, the weight just doesn’t come off as soon as we like. Are we stuck with looking drab and plain, and having very little selections? Advice From YourCertified Image Consultant I say “no” because, along the weight loss journey, you need some incentive that is not food. Believe me, I know. So, here is what I recommend, as a Certified Image Consultant and weight loss recipient…reward yourself with a new style item. It doesn’t have to be a tight-fitting dress or jacket, guys. It can be a new scarf, some fun socks, a pocket square or a fun purse. Accessories can be worn and spice up your wardrobe whether you lose weight that week or not. Write your weight loss goals and some incentives (rewards) you can give yourself. Now I, your Certified Image Consultant, am not giving you license to go outside your budget and get into severe debt, but I am advising you to be kind to yourself and give yourself rewards. Flattering Clothing Types from Your Certified Image Consultant Next, what type of clothing can you buy now that you can possibly keep/alter for after you lose weight. Clothing with clean and simple lines are much easier to alter than complicated clothing with many additions such as ruffles, flounces, different hemlines, etc. These types of pieces will be very complicated to alter. Also, stretchy clothing will more likely stretch to fit [...]

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When It’s Time to Find a New Hair Stylist…

This blog is for everyone -- men and gals because we all from time to time hire a professional to cut, style and even color our hair. Ladies often have stylists wax and shape their eyebrows, too. That's a pretty broad group of people, so that's why I am writing about this today. Hair Advice From Your Certified Image Consultant A couple of months ago I was in Toronto for my color analysis training and update. While I was there it was interesting to see when our teacher would suggest to clients (who had come in to let us practice doing color analysis on them) to change their hair color back to a more "natural" color. As you can imagine, this was not well received. One of the gals had very warm coloring -- deep brown eyes and tan skin -- yet her hair color was a pretty light, ash blonde. Don't we all want to be blonde? Anyway, it was suggested to her that she needed to return to her natural hair color. The clients said -- no. She didn't want to do that and couldn't see the reasoning. Most of the time I, your Certified Image Consultant, agree, a hair color that more closely matches what you had as a child will be the better choice. While I do have highlighted blonde hair, the color is nearly identical to what I had as a child, an ash blonde with some highlights. Anyway, what I have found lately with hairstylists is that they want to do what is trendy in hairstyle/color etc., rather than what is better for you. Many of us just go along with this trendiness because, no. 1, we don't really [...]

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Putting the Fabulous into Fall!

Photo by Jake Colvin Most everyone I know loves fall. We think of Pumpkin Spice Latte, apples (specifically apple pie), caramel corn, and fall in its beautiful colors. Winter, however, is another story. But for today’s blog, let’s talk about fall, and specifically the colors of fall. Fall Styles From Your Fashion Stylist I just went to a two-day conference in Toronto about finding your “Wow” colors. I, your Fashion Stylist,  have been asked more than once: what could you possibly talk color about for two days? Now in my past career, I might have asked the same thing. What is the deal about color and how it looks on me? Really when you think about it, color is actually as important or more important than the specific clothing you wear. Most people choose clothing as cluelessly as I used to do. If I liked it, if the item fit, and looked somewhat flattering, then I bought it. Of course, also what was in the stores heavily influenced my shopping choices as well as budget. This is the way America shops. Now that I have image consulting training and specific training in the colors that look great on me, the way I shop for myself and others has transformed. In many ways, it’s really profound. Anyway, enough for my soapbox. Color analysis is one of the favorite services I, as your Fashion Stylist, offer: you need it! Contact me for a color consult. Fashion Stylist's Colors of Fall On to fall! The colors of this season are warm, toasty and spicy in different levels. Really, we look to nature for these colors that are in the Warm family: spring and fall. Folks in [...]

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Having The Perfect Eyebrows…

When I was in eighth grade, probably 13 years old, I discovered tweezers. I had had very heavy eyebrows my whole life. It was a family trait I did not like. Being the fashion-forward Personal Styling tween I was I plucked my brows until they were a slim, sleek line. Promptly after that, I had my school photos. I was proud. I was wearing a purple, yellow and black silk dress I had made and sporting new brows. Personal Styling Then VS Now Looking back, I looked like a blonde Morticia from The Adams Family. I don’t think my parents really said anything about it. They were cool in that way. Then after that into my 20s and even 30s, I let my brows just grow out. They were very heavy and unshaped. One day I was getting my hair cut and my stylist said – why don’t you get your brows shaped. It will make a huge difference. I was not in the fashion field at the time and thought why not. Can this really be true? Well, that is history and I am now a firm believer that eyebrows are an extremely important part of our style and overall image. It did make a huge difference. The fullness of brows goes in style and out, but I recommend doing what is best for your brows and their texture. Personal Styling For Your Brows There is a specific way to know how your brows should be shaped. There is a “how-to” for that as well as countless Google articles and YouTube videos on it. Research it and don’t always rely on your stylist, etc. As I got older my brows tended to be less full and [...]

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How to Have an Organized Closet

As your Indianapolis Fashion Stylist, I often do closet cleanses. Sometimes I go to the client's home and go through their closet or at other times clients just want to show me some key outfits; therefore, they meet with me in my home office. Either way, it can be a challenging event. Indianapolis Fashion Stylist and Closet Cleanses When I first walk in the closet if I smell dust and see stacks of clothing, accessories, etc, I know it's going to be a long day. I am not a professional organizer, but I know when items are hard to reach and not really organized it's just not a functional closet.  That means it's not going to be easy to walk in pick your clothes, your shoes, and your accessories. But people are people with very busy lives. So I am not going to focus on how to organize your closet so it's neat. Someone else or Good Housekeeping can do that for you. There are a host of books out there including Marie Kwan The Art of Tidying Up. Nearly always when I, your Indianapolis Fashion Stylist, clean out the closet I have met with my client and discussed their best colors (color analysis); their best clothing shapes; their desired style (sporty, dramatic, romantic, classic, eclectic, etc.); and finally at what extent they follow trends on a scale of 1 to 5. These are the "prisms" from which I use to clean closets, shop for clients and basically plan a wardrobe. If I don't know these things, I can't really do an effective job of working with clients. It's what sets me apart from a professional organizer or your neighbor who is really neat and good [...]

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How Feelings Can Affect Our Image

I recently had a color analysis with a new client – and the way I, your Indianapolis Image Consultant, conduct appointments now is I have certain tasks in mind, but really I just talk and interview clients to see what they want and why they are meeting with me – during the first 20 minutes or so. It’s been a most interesting journey. I find I learn so much more about people and their style, attitudes, self-esteem and what they think they want from me. Lessons Your  Indianapolis Image Consultant has Learned 1)I have heard all sorts of comments, and some of them I remember because I thought they were so profound. I had a male client that I asked, "Why do you want to work with a stylist?"  He responded that he  wanted to be “memorable.” Wow! That comment was really interesting since when I looked at him, I saw a handsome, successful guy in a high-level job. Yet, he didn’t really feel that way or see himself that way. We worked on a wardrobe that elevated his look and his attitude. I don’t agree when a CEO or just any C-Suite guy or gal is buying very cheap clothing, such as Johnathon A Banks dress shirts or jackets and pants at Goodwill. Sure, they may look okay and “pass” – but how does it make these individuals feel, really? It can’t be a good feeling. This suit is a perfect solution for an executive who wants to look like one: Emporio Armani Wool Suit   2) Another client of mine quite recently told me as she “ages” she feels she is fading away. That was another comment that was really telling. It’s true, ladies, as we age, [...]

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Trends are Here, Ladies!

Fall happens to be my, your Personal Stylist Intern's, favorite season of the year! Not just because of the crisp autumn air, and beautiful foliage, but because of the FASHION. The lower temperatures allow fashionistas everywhere to break out moto jackets, booties, and warm accessories. Overall, fashion just gets better in the fall. AND, it can get even better with some of the biggest trends of the season!  Your Personal Stylist's Favorite Colors Pistachio Green  The FW19 runways were full of monochrome dressing. From hot pink to red; however, pistachio green was the frontrunner. Pistachio is the perfect color to upgrade your fall closet. Not only can it be used as a neutral, but it gives off a very luxe feel. While designers like Sally Lapoint opted to style their models in head to toe pistachio, that may be a bit overwhelming for an everyday look. Instead, try out a simple pistachio sweater or t-shirt for a classic layering look.  Lace  The runways appeared to have taken lots of inspiration from the 1800s. Not only was lace a major showcase at shows like Brock and Khaite, but it was paired with other Victorian like trends. For instance, puffy sleeves, square necklines, and corsets were additionally paired with lace fabrics. If you tend to dress on the romantic side this trend is extremely up your alley!  Metals  This trend is perfect for transitioning into the holiday season. Metals are extremely festive and will not only look great in the fall but can be worn again to festivities all winter long. The Alberta Ferretti show addressed high sheen metals in pleated head to toe outfits. If you tend to be more minimalist, try out the metal trend through experimenting with accessories. A silver metallic boot with an all-black outfit can really add some life to a boring outfit. These R13 [...]

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