If there is any spring trend you should be following this spring it’s got to be the mask.

Not only is this item essential for your health, it can be used to make a fashion

statement. With many states making it mandatory for people to wear masks when

they go out, it presents the perfect opportunity for people to get a little creative

with their outfits. Masks can be a great way to display your own personal style.

Whether it be with a fun saying, funky pattern, or just a standard hospital mask.


In Asia, masks have actually been trending for some time now. It is not uncommon

to see masks incorporated to street style looks in places like South Korea and Japan.

Young Asian influencers often pair their masks with an oversized hoodie and baggy

pants for the perfect comfy and casual look. But now with the spread of the corona

virus the mask craze has become an international affair.


Nowadays, almost every major brand is using their resources to produce and donate

masks to healthcare workers all over the world. But where can you find a mask to

help stop the spread of COVID-19? Perhaps the easiest way is doing a little “Do it



There are plenty of tutorials online giving step by step instruction on how to fashion

your own mask if you have a sewing machine. However, if you do not have a sewing

machine it can be just as easy.

First find a scarf or a bandana that isn’t too long or thick. Then, fold it inward twice

depending on the width. Next, slip two hair bands on each side of the bandana. Make

sure the hair bands you use have enough stretch to them or else it will be too tight or

too loose around your ears. Finally, tuck each end of the bandana into each other and

you have a stylish mask! This is a fun way to change up your mask according to your

outfit, and you also didn’t have to buy or make anything!

If you really want to make sure your facemask really flatters your skin tone and coloring,

consider having a color analysis with Beth Divine Style. Then you will know your most

flattering neutrals and “wow” colors for your clothing. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=865261323955356&external_log_id=9670717db1ccb1b16912469df163fb0a&q=scarf%20face%20mask



I also like some of the new masks, sold on Facebook, that really puts masks at a higher

Level in terms of outfit coordination. Consider this mask that is really more a scarf,

Converted into a mask. It comes in several prints in black/white (if you can rock that

Colors); blue/green, my favorite; neutrals and soft pastels in pink, coral, light green and

Even grey and pink. See how fashionable they look! I bought the camel/coral mask

And the blue/green mask. They will certainly complement my outfit, especially when

I wear them to church!


Keep it sassy (and health), Indy

Libby, Fashion Intern for Beth Divine